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Flying up the leaderboard in 2.0

Is it just me that has literally been flying up the leaderboard after 2.0 dropped? I have gone from 5400 to 5700 in one day

I have only put tier 2 boosts on Tryko and Max so far. During this I have also been pitying players who still think there max level 140+ speed Indo G2 and Thor are great with the likes of Lvl 27 unboosted Rinex and Tenrex

i flew up from 4800s to my highest of 5120. still trying to find the perfect balance with my team. it’s been kinda fun.

I’m in pretty much the same place as always, but I’m falling back into Aviary less, and if I do, it’s only for a single match. I did manage to get to 5100+ for the first time this season, but I’ve done better before.

5200 seems almost within reach. I’m going to keep trying.

I’m actually running my level 20 Spinonyx in place of my usual speedsters. It’s doing pretty well all things considered.

I spent over a hour in the arena last night. Still running into gate-keepers just before breaking into library. (Level 28-28 boosted monsters.)
This is from somebody who has actively avoided the arena since about 1.10.

How have you been dealing with these? 143 speed specifically

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The twin towers. They’re still an unstoppable force otherwise, if you have nothing faster.

Why do they even bother boosting that thing anymore? It was bad before, and it’s arguably worse now.


Yeah, nothing faster as I’ve not boosted yet.

So Gemini is good still - will put him back in. Ty.

Nearly one million coin spent on Ardentismaxima, but totally worth it! Though for now my team rely too much on it, and Tryko, so will have to make some more change. But still loosing too many games because I’m not used to the new moves. So, up and down for me. No boosts yet

Even with no dsr, that’s a lot of base damage. Probably a bleeder to swap in and swoop out in this scenario, if it can survive 1 attack for the swooping out. Am thinking of leveling up my vex to deal with such creatures.

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Yes, seeing a lot of very fast Thors already.

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Due to my decision to not boost anything for the first while, I flew down the rankings.
It hasn’t made my opposition any weaker - still facing heavily boosted lvl 30s in the Library, so have since used up most of my boosts to make my team a bit more competitive (otherwise, it was going to take an eternity to fill up my incubator slots). Have started to crawl back up now.

Definitely seeing some new faces in the Library. Thylacotator and Carnotarkus are showing up (I actually use them myself now too).

So far, it feels like Tryko, Ardentis and Orion are the major powers right now.

I’ve seen a lot of teams super boosting Thor and Indo Bros.
The latte in particular is a bad move IMO, considering how common decelerating and precise/nullifying attacks have become.

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Monostego is also not dead. I obliterated an Orion with him last night.

I’m surprisingly still in Library in spite of being trampled by hyperboosted Thors, Erlidoms and 2k+ attack Trykos.

Same, im doing a lot better

Completely unboosted and have this team

They are all really good and fill unique roles on the team

My level 27 Rinex dealt with a similar one that had 2500 damage though admittedly less speed

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To the Monosteg obliterating Orion, that shouldn’t happen without a huge boost. No one played Orion in the last meta. I built my team around him for the last 9 months. There’s a very specific way to play him. He’s does damn well against everyone if played properly and is a killer setup/team player. Best in the game imo. It blows my mind how often I see an opposing Quetzorion kill itself by not being played properly. Has been arguably the most impactful speedster in the game since entering the Tyrant tier

I had a very specific way of playing TenRex.
I would use SS till Orion died. LOL

Me: Erlidominus cloaked.
Opp: Swap-In Orion
Me: Swap-In Monostego Stun (effective)
Opp: Crafty Strike
Me: Slowing Impact
Opp: Sidestep
Me: Greater Stun (effective)
Me: Resilient (Orion Dead.)

No boosts.

From 5700 to 6150 in one night.

I’m like reading the details but they are so long that it just does strike