Flying week

Dear ludia,

We haven’t had a week for all the flying creatures in quite some time. Idk what your future schedules look like, but if there’s an opening I’d like to request a pterasaur week. A week for all the flying creatures of JWA. Please and thank you


Please no.

the “birds” of the game, for the most part, are useless, only some that give super hybrids are userful

It would be nice to get Quetzal DNA again^^


yes, in that part I agree

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Common: dimorphodon, Hatzeg
Rare: Dsungaripterus, Quetz, Aram, scapho edit: Haasts g2
Epic: Pteranodon, Alanqa, Darwin, Dimodactylus, Edit: haast’s eagle
legendary: Darwez, quetzal, Edit: koolabourg
Unique: vexus, Daryx

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My version…

Commons: Hatzgopteryx, Dimorphodon
Rare: Haast Eagle gen 2, Quetzalquatlus, Arambougiana
Epic: Haast Eagle, Alanqa, Dawinopterus, Pternodon
Unique: Pterovexus

(This technically is still a flying week because eagles can fly)

i didnt leave it out