“Follow The Voices” overpowered?

Been steadily playing the game since launch. Got to the exploration “Follow The Voices” & I’ve been stuck here for a week. Full disclosure: Not paying for perks & such yet (want to see where the game is over time). Anyone else feel this way? I’m running a Level 5 Cleric, Barbarian, & Wizard & Level 4 Ranger. Thanks.

What are you fighting in this level?

Gelatinous cubes, orcs, goblins. The main headache I have are trolls. If they get initiative first, almost without fail, they can one shot a party member & it goes downhill from there. I do respect their power, but c’mon! To lose party members before even having an action is nuts.

ahhh yes, the trolls. they’re pretty rough. lots of troll fights I had to do over and over until I got initiative with the right person, or had the right red dice proc at the right time. you have to disarm, stun, or push them back. this means you have to win initiative with the right character, then try and stall until your cooldown comes off (I know, this isn’t always doable). the barbarian has a disarm ability, the wizard does, the dragonborn can push, the bard can stun or dominate. use those abilities on the trolls.
good luck