Follow up on VIP spin wheel order: Mammoth

Sorry to start a new thread on this, but I have left the old VIP spin wheel thread slightly too long and can no longer post there.

Slightly unexpected variation in the order this week with Woolly Mammoth coming in after Pterodactylus. Not seen this before.

Even though he isn’t a VIP I gave in to temptation as I don’t have him and he is a bit of an icon.

Excellent pack

And I am sure this is more loyalty points than normal for a VIP pack (I’m not a VIP)

Will look out for other variations on the order.


Based on the order I had, Wherosaurus should have entered.

Now that the mammoth is there are 2 scenarios that I have seen.

1.- Tanycolagreus arrives the sig. week and start the cycle from that creature

2.- The cycle is repeated from orthacantosaurus or Acrocanthosaurus

A third is that it resumes from any creature :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: but from that creature it respects the cycle.

It is also worth mentioning that when the mammoth makes its appearance, the 50K envelopes also suffer a slight change in their cycle.

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Yes, Wuerhosaurus should have been next.

Sometimes the normal sequence just resumes, we shall have to see.

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what will be next week?

That’s what we are waiting to find out. Last week was Pterodactylus. Wuerhosaurus should have been next, so it might just be that, or it might skip to the next in order, Orthacanthus, or start somewhere completely different which has happened before when the normal ordervwas disrupted.

The link above shows you the usual order.

wow! I didn’t know wooly mammoth used to be a vip

After the Mammoth the rotation order of the 20K VIP packs has reverted to where it was before with Wuerhosaurus this week

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