Food and toys in incubators

Hello everyone, how are you?

As you probably know we get 4 toys and 4 food from “normal/orange supply drops”.

Then if we are lucky to be near/in range, 2 more of each from GREEN SUPPLY DROPS.

Thing is, as you should know as well, that green supply drops ROTATE, of location. Every 48 hours. So that means that if you don’t have 1 in range after each rotation, you will be without those extra 2 food and toys for 2 days. And the next rotation won’t necessarily give you 1 green supply again. And you can spend more days without those green supply drops and hence those extra 2 food and toys.

So, I am requesting LUDIA, that they give the players toys and food as rewards IN 8 HOUR INCUBATORS. That way, players wouldn’t get them every single time. But ACTIVE PLAYERS that open 2 a day and/or several a week. Will get their fair share of toys and foods, according to just how active they are/how many 8 hour incubators they open.

I think its a reasonable request, according to just how active players are.



I certainly do thing that FIPs need to become a little more common and easier to acquire.