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Food for coins

I understand that food may be more important than coins at this game, but I just got an offer that I may take.

I just think that its a good deal, since i already have somewhat enough food. And with that amount of money, i can stock up on like 20-30 apatosaurus fossils and make up the food on trades - and then some.

At this point, i think I need to improve my park with more decorations (eg. More Hammonds) to improve my coin production.

What do you guys think?

I would not. I almost never trade for coins


The offer would be expired now, but…

When I was your level, I traded coins for food at about 2:1 and then Food for Coins back at 1:3 or 1:4 because my coin production was slow. I also didn’t think I would use all of that food anyways.

I was happy as long as I made a profit from my trades.

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Food > Coins.

I can agree with this. You won’t use that food anyways, so you can use it the way it makes the most profit. And I guess this is a good option until you are maxed out on coins. I am at level 82 and I still like doing this.

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Yep, me too. Food coins, coins food. If the ratio was right.

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I love those trades and take them when I can. Then I buy fossil decorations and sell at 3:2 ratio or look for a good 2:1 trade from coins back to food and make a really nice profit.

I find this is a very effective way to increase park resources

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I am a fairly newer player. I know we get 3 trades a day. When people talk about selling the fossils for different trades, are people referring to the rotational trades when you first go into the store or utilizing the 3 trades? Even if I have multiple fossils, I only populate 1 decor for whatever I am trained for. Can you me a quick breakdown of maximizing the trade store?

3 Trades; are you a VIP subscriber?

People are referring to the “Custom Trade”, non-VIP has 1 per day and VIPs has 3. They only allow you to trade 1 Fossil/Decoration at a time. Even if you had 300, you can only trade 1. Rotational trades are random, we can’t control what we want to trade.

At the early stages, most people will trade Fossils for LPs, early level VIP dinos will overpower the rest with lower cooldown timer. You typically get about 260-350 LPs per trade, so almost 1K LPs per day if you used all of your custom trades for fossils.

Once you have excess coins and a lot of VIP dinos, people will trade Fossils to LPs less frequently. Example, now I trade Fossils to LPs twice and Coins to Jurassic once per trade session. Sometimes Coins to Jurassic twice and Fossil to LPs once if my coin to Jurassic costs about 25-30M coins.

Edit: Corrected “customer trade”

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I am VIP and will continue to pay for this if I play this game, the value is there for me.

From what I have gathered, I should focus on building up coin production. I can get probably 1 million coins every hour, but am spending that on Hammonds replaying my triceratop statues. I have probably 100 left to replace and still upgrading dinos. I hope to be gather a significant amount of coins with the power generator farm I have. I still enjoy the extra coin from them every hour and will keep farming. I have been using coins to trade for meat, since I am reallly in the building stage. I do see a big advantage having the JW dinos in the event with the lower cooldown time. As I grow towards hybrids and ranking others up.

Some people will say that coin production will come naturally, but like yourself, I focused on coin production too.

Triceratops is too quick for me, checking in every 5 mins to gather. I picked some 30 minute - 1 Hour dinos to gather.

If you want, you can go to your Market, Creature Sorting by Coins and you can see the best/worst coin producing dinos are and I would make whichever is low on DNA cost and high on coin production.

For me, there were times I had issues with taking a trade and unable to do daily events for about an hour since an attempt costs 500K+ coins. So, sometimes I couldn’t trade or battle. That’s why I worked on coin production first.

With a steady income coming in, I just kept building Fossils/Statues for EXP and the levels came in pretty quickly. Faster level allowed me to unlock “better” dinos, lots of DNA/resources from packs. No regrets here working on coins production.

When I was at this point, I actually built a ton of fossils. I put those around the outside of my park (where I have space).

As the rotational trades used up the fossils, I would gather them up and put them in the market for more trades.

This way, I got the advantage of fossil trades AND the decoration bonus.

After I filled in all of my limited space with statues, I slowly worked out the fossils. But the fossils reached 5 squares, so even with 2 rows of statues around everything, and I still had them out for a long time.

Edit: I should also note, that going the long way, the fossil reaches REALLY far. And you can do 2 rows of them. The short/deep way, only one row.

The % bonus isn’t as good this way due to size of the decoration, but early game when you can’t afford as many, the reach helps you more.

I Setup my original park around the 5 revenue towers to maximize collection. Dino’s That need to be gathered in less than 3 hours on the outside rim of the towers range and stuff like arcades in the middle. The rest of my park is Observatory’s and Dino’s that don’t need to be collected that often.

Since observatory’s don’t really have to collected for 18 hours, and they have a decent return, it’s a good choice so you don’t have to Visit the game All the time. Hammond is the only good multiplier (reach of 6 And 7%). The fossil is 5 and 10%, but its wider and you can put 2.5 hammonds in the same space, so 2.5x7% is > 10%. I make 2 rows of observatory’s and then a row of hammonds an repeat. The hammonds will reach both rows So middle of the Park is at 112% and the edges at 56%. I think it generates about 175-200 million coins a day.

The beacon is able to cover the whole island now. so I collect it, move it to the other island, and collect that one 3 hours later. The 2nd island is fully unlocked and 95% observatory and a few odd spots filled with wind turbines an solar greenhouses.

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Woah, coin farm built from coins! What an idea!

Thanks for posting this.