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If the opponent’s lineup for Mods PvE is two Terrifies and one Intimidation, would your dinosaurs end up having 0 attack if unbuffed?

Terrify mod: Super rare. Reduce attack stat of entire opposing team by 45%
Intimidation: Common. Reduce attack stat of entire opposing team by 10%

Pretty much. It’s a kinda fun trick if you have a tough set of opponents.


If they have things like alpha, or any mods that increase the attack of their team they get attack levels back to some degree.

Two terrify mods and a regenerate is a tough combo to beat too. You can’t do enough damage and they heal most of it back each round.


Why 2 terrifies and 1 intimidation? 3 terrifies.

Yes, 0 attack. Tried it out once and when opponent attacked it just shows that I blocked even tho I didn’t/

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