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Food limit

Is there a limit on how much food you can save? (Like the coin limit)

Yes. I am constantly on or near it.

99,999,999 food.

I try to keep it below 95 million as some days prize drop and trades make going over easy, and it disappears like coins.


Oooops. Probably would have been more helpful if I had confirmed the limit.


Thanks. I had a trade offer that would have been a waste since I was so close to the limit.

I have to level all my creatures up as high as I can as long as they dont ruin my balance otherwise my food is wasted. I still take most coins for food trade offered and decorations for food but also take every food for dna offered. Basically I dont like wasting coins or food which is why I take so many offers. I even take coin for fossil offers as it makes a small coin profit and uses up a trade for daily count. I will start losing coins soon as have almost run out of space to place decorations again.