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Food Production Facility Upgrade?


My question for the more experienced players is should I upgrade my food production facility to level 7 for 1000 Dino bucks? For some context I am level 38 with 2600 Dino bucks.

I’m badly hurting for food and am struggling to keep up with my dinosaurs voracious appetites. I’ve used a couple million food in the last day alone and I’m not generating it at anywhere near that clip. My food bank was under 100k before I collected this morning and I’m just not collecting it fast enough to keep up with the rapid expansion of my dinos.

Meanwhile I’m flush with coins at over 12mil and quickly growing so I’ve got plenty of cash but that’s not helping my food situation.

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The trade harbor is where the bulk of your food source should be from.
Work the trades, often not direct trades.
Coin is easiest to accumulate.
Best trades usually are coins for food, occasionally great deals.
Watch out, though, for sleazy ‘cheat’ trades where that lady rips you off like Velcro.
Often, you’ll have to trade coin for other assets, then look out for trades of those assets for food or dna in the harbor.
Takes time to accumulate assets, you you just gotta be patient and take time.


I leveled the food facility up all the way and found it worthwhile. Yes, your real food income will be the trade harbor, but my facility is maxed and runs 24/7. Doesn’t hurt anything, especially in the long run and to help accomplish those single-player missions that involve collecting food.