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Food Production Levels

I’m confused why the upgrade button is grayed out. I though you needed like 5k db to upgrade but it’s still grayed out. Can you not go above level 8 food production if you are a non vip?

Level 8 is the max upgrade for food production


Oh I didn’t know that. I thought it would be like level 10 or 15 as the max level. Thanks for letting me know! Also why doesn’t the button go away when you reach the max level? It seems that it could confuse players like me.

The hopes for me is that they will add additional levels at some point.


Has been like that for years. It would be great if they added higher levels with more food per min. Now that I’m creating hybrids, food is starting to dwindle. Can’t keep relying on coin to food trades


Did not realize I had it maxed, I was hoping for more levels

Off topic question .
I’ve just above 3k db. Should I get food production to lv8 or should I wait till i build up a reserve of db.

I mean if you really need more food. I just ran mine on level 7 until level 57. I just upgraded to level 8 today. Also I had 8k db before I upgraded to level 8.

I’m always too cautious on food and reckless on db. I’ll wait two weeks until I’ve some db reserve. I’m lv61 btw.

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The sooner you do it the sooner it pays for itself.