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Food production upgrades

I upgraded to 7 with dbs. Will there be more nondb upgrades? I am vip, just started yesterday.

I’m not sure, was it the upgrade for 3k DB? If so that is the last one

1k, so no way to upgrade for coins from here?

No, but do it when you can, because food becomes very limiting with upgrading legendary dinos like T. rex. When you get to level 50 the Trade Harbour unlocks, then you can start to get coin to food trades and food supply gets easier.


Yeah I’ve still not upgraded with the 3k DB, I make sure that I’m always on a high supply of food though.


I was working on my memory of JPB, where food was always limiting and upgrading the food harbour was always worthwhile. I didn’t know there would be any other mechanism in JWTG, so I gritted my teeth and saved up to 3K DBs and spent them. It was bad at the time but useful later.


Food will be a little tight till lvl 50, so even I spent on the 1k buck upgrade was going to do the 3k one too but then I got the trade harbour and now I get enough food to feed everything and still have lots left over just from af to food trades and barely using the food harbour at all.

over the life of the game it makes zero sense not to do every food production upgrade, remember your food production should be running 24/7. It seems like a lot but, over time that 3k DB pays for itself many times over.


It absolutely does… 1.4M extra food every day, yes please! :yum:


I have a little more than 3k db but I’m saving up to level up my kentrosaurus to level 40