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Fool me once, shame on you


…fool me twice, shame on me. I should have known better but in a desperate desire to create Thor I bought an epic scent in hopes I’d get that one final sino I needed. Set it off in the right zone where I had found 2 sino earlier today…

I got 3 epics, or should I say, I got ONE EPIC 3 TIMES. Concavenator. Seriously. Concavenator - 3 times. That’s it.

It’s my own fault, so I’m not going to complain any more about it, but in my experience epic scents are a complete rip off and NOT worth it. (I have won a couple others from strike towers and also got extremely poor results with them.)

So, ye be warned…

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i did 2 the other day. i made sure to be by its nest at a gas station in zone.
1st was sino and baryonx
2nd was sino, concavenator and trex

did one the day before that and only got 1 kentro.

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Sino’s have nests?


Yes. It’s where they put thier eggs.

Kinda like our refrigerator… (oh snow man what is a refrigerator) but not cooled and no door and no magic light that may or may not always be on…

So not really like our fridge after all.

But the do put thier eggs in them.

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Gas stations are a sino nest spawn… some of the best hunting can be down off interstate exits with alot of gas stations and resturants. Everything you need for thor plus a chance at trex.


Really I live off of long island express. There is a gas station next to me and 6 down the road no sino or t Rex around ever. But I do notice it likes to go shopping around the flushing malls and schools.


Er one Kentro is awesome Trykosaurus is the bomb :bomb:


I have lots for Thor, just didn’t realize sino’s nested. I thought a nest was a spot where you always encounter 3 or 4 of the same dino when you go there. Pretty common for commons. Like Tarbo’s at restaurants. When I go I see 3 or 4. I don’t see 3 or 4 Trex there even though it is a nest for them. seems more like a spawn point for epics more than a nest.


they can spawn out of zone at nest areas basically.