Fooled by the game?

Frankly, since I realized that all the PvP stuff is just fake, I often see the game in a different light. It can fool us all it wants. The whole matchmaking and especially “the fight for the big prize”. It’s funny: no matter how many times I play, no matter how hard I try, I always finish first at the 5% mark. I’m leading there by 50 points and more, but despite more wins I stay first and don’t slip into the top 1%. I also don’t see how much would supposedly be necessary. Do we even play “against each other” in these events or is Ludia just kidding us, let us “closely lose” and make us feel compelled to make ridiculously expensive purchases? Are there any of you experienced people who get into the top 1% every time and without any problems?


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Top 1% ? You mean PVP or tournaments ?

I mean the tournaments where you receive the “big price” only beeing one of the 1%.

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As I heard before, before you even land on a prize on the spin wheel, those prizes are already pre - determined. They show the prize as a motivation for you to keep playing.

Well I have been finishing in tourneys except when I have no motivation…or just can’t do it.

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Many of us routinely finish in Dominator League. Follow the various tournament threads including the recently concluded Mylodon tournament thread


Finding out that PvP isn’t real is a big plus. You may feel “disappointed” but you get other things: You discover patterns, strategies and combinations that ensure you wins with a good amount of trophies, in the best of cases 40 trophies.

If you fail to become dominator then you are lacking strength, more creatures, or a bit of both.

A large percentage of the most common users of the forum remain in Dominator (1%) without many inconveniences, of course following the advice, reading the comments of other users makes things much easier.

Of course without investing real money.


I have never broken into Dominator. And frankly it takes an amount of commitment that I don’t have on the weekend. So I’ve just resigned myself to waiting for the creature to be available other ways, or play for the prize wheels as I get bounced around leagues.

I actually really like pvp being “fake” or just the game. I didn’t like being able to see someone’s profile pic and them seeing mine and next thing you know, you’re on someone’s “dark threads of Reddit” YouTube reaction video. Very few people are this competitive… But I like the safety measure anyway.

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Finishing in dominator shouldn’t be “easy”. However compared to the length and depth of this game it actually is. The tournaments are for the best prizes in the game and unlocks in most cases (other than VIPs and hybrids although there are some tournaments for both of those).

Low level players wth starting dino’s as their best dino’s shouldn’t have a cake walk into dominator. IMO the tournaments for early low level players are a great learning experience trainer for those players who want the dominator finishes but can’t get them. The tournaments help educate you on what you need to focus on to succeed at this game. Players that want to get better build better lineups and seek out tips and tricks that will shift the balance of the scale into their favor. Then once you get your lineup where it needs to be dominator finishes are easier than some of the PvE, it just takes more time.

Kinda wish there was like an elite tournament that was scaled much harder difficulty wise, maybe 4 times a year for a high level hybrid or something idk? Would give me something to build towards cuz right now i have no reason to advance my lineup, just build depth.


Getting into dominator as a new player is tough.

Once you are established, it isn’t a ton of effort.

I remember the crazy amount of effort for my first few months of dom finishes and I understand your pain. It was Back during covid lockdowns, so I had nothing better to do.


Top 1 ???

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Not a new player. Not new to battles. Have plenty of high level dino maxed out. I just think that if you don’t want to spend two days or longer watching the ranks and battling every hour or more, there should be options. Don’t need to make it easy, don’t need to make it a handout. I already play a game with all the risk and impossible stakes…when I wake the f up…
And if I’m being honest, the novelty is wearing off for me. But I’ll probably hang on until Dominion is released to see what’s gonna come out.

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