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Footpaths on the map?

I’m getting a bit confused AND annoyed at this… when I first started playing, the game map showed both roads and footpaths, which was convenient since - lacking a Jurassic Park-branded Jeep - I mostly hunt dinosaurs on foot. Then, after an update a while back, the footpaths disappeared. Then, after a more recent update, they came back. Then they disappeared. Then they came back. Then they disappeared.

If nothing else, make up your minds already! Personally, I’d much prefer having the footpaths on the map, but if for whatever reason that CAN’T be allowed, at least stop giving me false hope. =_= Or, alternately, if some people DON’T want footpaths on the map, make it a toggle in the settings?


The footpaths showed up again yesterday, then disappeared again by today… I’m starting to think this ought to be moved to the ‘Bug Reports’ subforum instead. Whether the paths are SUPPOSED to be there or not, something is clearly broken.