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For 1st year, what do you want/hope?


Hello, after 3 good month (Christmas, New year, chinese new year and St Valentin). Ludia make good event. But 1St anniversary Will probably is much better.
What do you want for this event (Ludia gain much monney with this game after all)?

-Célébration with 2 parts.

  • Week with 3 uniques voted by player with 3 try
  • Week with common, rare, epic and legendary linked with uniques.
  • per shot :+ 5 dna on common, +3 rare + 2 epic and +1 on legend and unique
  • +25m Range
  • +10% gain in incubators
  • Treasure chest
  • 4 epic Strike tower
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I’d be happy any event with useful DNA but ideal dream would be wild unique spawns at like 0.0001% of spawns


I would like a shot (or 2) at your unique of Choice. So make it like a strike tower and when you click on it, a menu opens up so you can pick and dart.

Christmas Turamoloch was cool except I have 0 interest in her so mine is sill Unlocked at 131/250. It helped players that use her, the rest of us got no benefit.


That’s too far to think about. for now I want them to fix bugs and alliance missions.


I want 360 000 coins 500 cash
600 anklyosaurus (gold epic)
600 ourano
600 darwin
600 pachysepholasaurus
600 thier new blue flyer.
50 indorapter.

That should add up to 360 and 5
And 3650 dna


You’ll get in your dreams lol :yum:


A month of all epics in the wild


Seems like they are planning something with 3 uniques from the last poll we just did so maybe easter event with 3 uniques?


I hope it’s not all about unique… It does a goodly portion of us no good at all.

Here is your one shot at Indo raptor… We know you’ve never shot him before but he moves really fast. BTW it’s gonna take 2000 velociraptor and and almost as much t Rex DNA to make 1 10 DNA fuse attempt… See you next year for your next 25 free Indo DNA.

Bleh I’d pass

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When is the first anniversary i don’t remember if is on may or june?

And for the first year i will glad to receive some cash and coins or just the highest incubator


Bug fixes would be the best present…

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The offical release was end of may so expecting something to come out then but first they surely will make a event for easter