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For 2 hours stuck like this

I have been experiencing this problem for about 2 hours, I have already sent an email to support but no one answers. PLEASE HELP ME !!

It may be connect i may be wrong.

Hello there DraculTheDragon. Restarting your device or connection can sometimes help with this. If you already emailed our support team, they will make sure to respond to you as soon as possible.

I recommend avoiding sending another email before our team replies as that could reset your position in their queue. Thanks for your patience!

With all due respect, but I believe that Ludia’s support service is not very efficient since I have already sent 4 MAILS but NEVER ANYONE answers. Restarting the phone and even switching devices didn’t work, now I would like to understand what happens, some money has been spent in that profile and I don’t like this situation.

My game is also stuck like this and I have tried every possible solution I’ve found. Been in contact with support but tried all their solutions given and awaiting response from them again. Some of my friends have this as well but the majority doesn’t. Hopefully they adress this and fix it!

But it is nonsense, it happened by chance. I have tried with 3 different devices, and in one I still play with another profile. But if I try to login with this, it gives me the error.

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