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"For 3 turns"

Firstly, this post left without attention and I’ll write about the same problem.
I hope you (devs and admins) will pay attention to post this time.

I’m really furious. I can’t understand why you do it to dragons. I’m talking about Fireworm Queens. They are my favorite species and you ruined them.

WHY “FOR 3 TURNS”??? WHY??? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Even some 3-stars NON-HYBRID dragons have abilities for 4 turns. “For 3 turns” is level for 3-star dragons! So why do you add 4 and 5-stars dragons with abilities “for 3 turns”??? You’re making dragons USELESS!!!
ability lock is exception

Homunculosa has unique ability - shield against special color. Also it has usual shield, that should be 30% and not 20%. But biggest issue - both abilities are "for 3 turns! WHY? WHY? WHY?

The next one is The Fearsome Flamellion.
Reason why I WON’T TRY TO GET IT even if it has ability lock:
There are dragons in game that have ability “all allies inflict x% damage for x turns” with more damage and for MORE TURNS. 35% instead of 30% would be nicer but OK. IT’S SLOW (that is pretty understandable because of ability lock) AND HAS THIS ABILITY ONLY FOR 3 TURNS!!! WHERE’S YOUR LOGIC??? WHY DID YOU DO IT??? Just WHY???

I hope you’ll change it very soon

Stop ruining species with “for 3 turns”. STOP. STOP!!! People will leave your game if you continue do it.


Agreed, they could have at least made it a healer or something like that


I’d like to get admins comment for it

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I’m confused. Why does this matter?

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Honestly… there are too many dragon types that are being seriously nerfed.


The more turns the more useful is dragon
It’s shame that slow dragon (5* FQ) has ability for 3 turns

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I agree with Sawmaw and Murmurquill nerfs tbh, Cryptic Collector’s nerf is too much