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For a D&D game we are still missing a druid, monk, and sorcerer type characters

Im wondering if ludia will release more characters such as a druid class for example.

I like Jarlaxle but would have preferred a Monk since we already had a Rogue. Druid that can Wild Shape would be amazing. Not sure how they could make a Sorcerer interesting.

Druid is the hardest to implement imo, because if shapeshifting. I can see it working one of two ways, a passive based on a trinket that sets your form, or an armor piece that gives an extra action and sets a form. It would be far too weak if it was a full action to shift, unless the shift itself was very powerful.

Fireball makes anyone interesting.

I thought you were talking about fireball the drink when I first saw that.

If they offer a transformation in a button for the druid, it will be pretty good. Bear with auto taunt, a wolf with double move, a flying type for ranged. And then i can get to choose what to use. Plus heal over time, (hot) and a ranged ( 2 rows max ) weapon.