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For a game where most everyone *claims* to hate the RNG factor


There is a heck of a lot of erlidominus around…


Well true but erlidom is really strong without the cloak. Faster or same speed as most of the counters and hits really hard. Cloak is just a last resort for most :grinning:


In my experience it’s the first thing they go to…


Haha yh alot of the times its cloak rampage minimal speed up strike unless my indo or tryko deals with cloak


I never pull out my erlidom until AFTER opponent pulls out their Rat. Yes, bad RNG sucks. I’m my case my erlidom is just a Rat Terminator.


I love it when people pull out Erli last. I normally have Tany on my team and it makes short work of most Erli. :smiley:

Even my Anky can 1v1 them half the time. XD

Granted it normally doesn’t have a lot of health by the end, but hey… This baby eats a lot of Uniques for breakfast. Lol

Tryko eats them up too and always wins 1v1.


Yes, because they are mostly used without letting RNG in the way.
Same with proceratomimus. If you allow the RNG on them, then you’re not using them right :wink:


I rarely use cloak with Erli, it fails most times.
Better off without it (cloak).


Why don’t I ever fight anyone who uses cloak as a last resort? I swear it’s always the first thing they do.


What arena you in?


I imagine it fails half the time.


Aviary… … …


Erlido beats Tany. Just have to use Speedup Strike first. Of all the “dodgers”, Erli is the one that has to rely the least on it, since it can hit and run. You should have said that about IndoRex and Indoraptor.


I can guarantee you that Erlidominus on lvl 23 bears Tanycolagreus 2-3 levels above into a bloody pulp, unless Tany gets a crit on the impact.

Speed-up strike into Rampage and Tanycolagreus is sushi.

Ankylocodon can work.


In lockwood i get a mix of first time cloak or rampage dependant on health and dino i got out


RNG is one big inflated scam!


I can’t tell you how many times my Tany has destroyed Erli. Most people just go straight into rampage or cloak. Its great and I love it. Lol


Well, that is just people being dumb, really.
Tanycolagreus VS Erlidominus is greatly in Dominus’ favor.

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Won’t deny that. So long as they keep making poor choices, the longer Tany is staying on my team. Lol

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