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For a level 20 I am being shorted DNA per dart

I just now realized that I am not getting the full 30 DNA per dart. I am literally given 26 DNA per dart for a level 20. What is up with this?

Common gives 30. Rare creatures give 26. Epic 25

Yeah, you are darting a Rare to get 26. Always been like that.

Ah did not know that. Wow first time I have heard of this. Should be 30 across the board no matter the rarity

I’m surprised it took you this long to spot it.

Legendary and Unique is even lower.

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You must not have noticed that when you were level 19 it was 25 for Rare and 24 for Epic.

And at level 18 it was 24 for Rare and 23 for Epic.

And so on. Always 4 less for Rare and 5 less for Epic.

Yes I noticed that

Well before I never took the time to analyze

Uhhh, no. Of course it should not - it’s absolutely reasonable and intuitive that DNA yield (from all sources - darting, incubators, sanctuaries, alliance requests) should scale inversely with creature rarity.

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