For all the Grypo lovers out there, Weekly Calendar

This is your week :smiley:


I’m so hyped!

Bummer that Grypolyth’s hardest counter gets Epic fuel in the same week though. Go figure.

looks to be a raptor scent

Well,draco and nasuto.
The rest is pretty disappointing…

Stygi : The creature of the month for the whole november…personally,over 25k
Sino: it was a plague as alliance reward,i have too much of it,even after thor and uta max.
Grypo: A global epic,and thanks to grypolyth raid,i have grypolyth lvl 30.

Needthat nasuto for testa

That you for giving us antarctopelta for the boss inc, which you made exclusive to try to suck more money out of people via incubators in the store!

Oh wait, guess not. :man_shrugging:

Dracorex, Sino and Grypo, good week for me.

Does anyone know which creatures are in the Hybrid Showcase incubator? We had that before but I can’t remember. Or does it change?

I got wrecked by a big Testacornibus the other day. Never see them. It was actually refreshing to lose to something rare like that.

Oh thank goodness, I’m just barely short of unlocking Grypo and this will be the boost I need to get it :smiley:

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I think it might change

Might be Dilophosaurus scent but most likely raptor

Testacornibus is like Hadros Lux’s little brother. If not for Hadros, I might be considering Testacornibus.

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Come on game. I need sino for thordor which I’m much closer to, but grypo is a ten times better option for late game…

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Check the top ten teams and your opinion may change.

Wow okay, thordor it is. I guess it can two-shot M.Rhino…

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