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Hey! Any of you guys moms that play? How many kid do you have and what do you do for living? Name one thing your kid/s did today you love and one thing your kid/s did that made you upset. I’m start :
4 kids
I’m a Starbucks Barista and an Afterschool teacher. I’m doula and breastfeeding and childbirth educator on the side.

One thing I loved was my one year old giving my kisses and my oldest helped cleaned up.
One thing that made me upset, my oldest stole from me and my 1 yr old keeps smacking me in the face.

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Proud mom of 2 boys ages 3 and 4. I am an academic advisor at a university.

I love the stories my 4 year old comes up with “once upon a time there was a dinosaur…” And usually lasts about 5 minutes and makes no sense whatsoever :rofl:

My 3 year old is a total threenager right now and is def testing my patience with the tantrums and attitude haha.

Oh and I usually have some version of WWE smackdown going on in my living room every night :joy:. But I love them.


I have one boy! I think I could only survive one boy :joy::joy: Kudos to you mom because my son give me a heart attack daily :joy::joy::joy: it’s the injuries I can’t take!!