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For all you Koolab haters

I’ve said on the forum before that a boosted Koolab shouldn’t be underated and is very very powerful. Been meaning to do this for some time, but here is my proof that it can take down a boosted Thor
It’s not a 100% success rate, more like 50, but it can do it


How do you boost it and how much ?

I am using it right now at around 3500 and it’s under-performing for me.

I boosted a little bit of all the 3 aspects of it but I am hesitant to invest more.

I stuck with it and boosted like crazy on the attack and is tier 5. Health about tier 4. I don’t blame you for being hesitant, I was to begin with, but right now it’s performing amazingly in Lockwood

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Focus on attack and let health be a secondary. Since it only deals 1x damage, you need its base attack to be high. It’s health is already pretty high, so a a couple of boosts to that could help. Speed needs like max 3

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I think it is naturally good against stomper since it has distraction strike. I just can’t kill them with it alone and Instant strike really mess it up for me.

I face more Allosino than Thor in my range. I guess that’s also a factor making it perform worse since allosino has armor.

That being said I still hope it gets a buff eventually. Maybe a distracting impact or rampage.

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What it needs is to scrap Instant Invisible for instant distract and buff distracting strike to rampage. This means on t1, you can shield or distract, then go for a big attack on t2


Also Koolab doesn’t fare well against creatures with armour apart from Alanky. It always beats that

That, or I’m actually hoping instant invincibility get a buff. It’s lacking comparing to instant distraction.

Besides, I hope swap in distraction’s lock down could reduce to 1 turn.

It should yeah. And instant invincibility gets rid of its t1 delay

Best counter for boosted thor is actually boosted Rinex. I can typically 2 shot a thor and still get a hit in on their 2nd dino. Even still boosted thor has thrown the arena balance way too far off

I can definitely see that, but Koolab seems more fun to use imo

I myself after seeing your Kool bird boosted have been considering adding it to my roster as I’m lacking a nullify dinosaur and more big hit counters, other than Noodle, and the swap in distraction is nice!

However as you mentioned is sorely lacks a 2x or even a 1.5x Damage attack, which is what’s holding me back, and while I do know Ludia can fix something like that, it’s a matter of how long will it take, if ever considering it’s got a Unique to it.

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