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For All You Number Crunchers Out There, Dragon Stage Dice Rolls ?p

I Guess Everytime I Go Through That Dungeon I’ll Post It To This.
I Usually Only Do The Free Runs, So If For Some Reason I Buy A Run I Be Sure To Put That In With The Screenshots, Let Me Know What Ya Think :grinning: Maybe Then We Can Make Some Kind Of Sense Of These Numbers, Especially For Are Friend Fabrizio!!!
Screenshot_20191006-162109 Screenshot_20191006-162122
Starting Run,1 Guess I’ll Number Them To Make It Easer To Throw Them Around :grinning:

Hope To Get Some Input From You Guys???:slight_smile:

That’s not fare I’m not getting that armour I have something else :flushed::face_with_monocle:
Hi shay

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HEY bag (BAG) Haven’t Seen Ya In A Minute, Hope All Is Well With Ya!!!:smiley:

Humm… I Wonder Why That Is? It Should Be The Same Shouldn’t Be? That Is The Dragon Stage, Maybe Different Time Zones? Good Question Tho bag (Bag):+1::face_with_monocle: Ludia? Any Ideas?:thinking::face_with_monocle::thinking:That Was Taken Earlier Today.

What lv are you and what dungeon?


Give Me A Min

Here Ya Go @DAGBC56 (Bag)

The reward drops for challenge mode are different for every single player. There are algorithms that determine which gear pieces you need, or should want to fill up on, that change every 48 hrs.

Noone has the same.

Also on discord we have a guy who has already done all the maths for drop rolls and much much more!

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Awaa… Well Then Guess I Don’t Need To Keep Track Then? @Xx_YESPA_xX
And Where Would I Find Thoes Hidden At?

It Would Be Kinda Cool Too See What Other People Are Getting :grin:

Post in the general chat on discord, he will eventually come around :wink:

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Thanks @Xx_YESPA_xX

Run 2

Run 3

Run 4

I Picked This One!!!

That Was A Hard Secret Level!!!

Don’t Know If That Makes A Difference Or Not?
Needless To Say, I Didn’t Beat It!!! LoL :grin:

Dominate is key in a room like that :wink:

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Thanks @Xx_YESPA_xX I’m Gonna Give That A Try Next Time :+1:

Run 5

I Picked The Green Bow Again!!!

I have a thread up for that, I’d invite you to post there but I want to keep the pictures and posts to a minimum so I only post there every 10 runs. Considering you’re already at 17 posts for 5 runs, I say have fun with your own thread.

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I Just Keep Posting On Mine :grin:
Then We’ll Have Double Sets,
There Seems To Be A Lot Of People Who Think The Game is Rigged, So The More People Who Post There Results, Maybe People Will Change There Opinion On The Matter, That’s The Thought Anyway?
Thanks For Your Thoughts @Gil_Goren_Shimoni
Plus, This Let’s Me Get My Fix On For The Day!!!:rofl::joy::crazy_face::rofl::joy::laughing::grin: