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For change the meta: nerf speed, Battle theme, rework swap,Dino's leader and dino's link,



First point: THE META
The meta is problematic for me because to be a top dinosaur you need to have at lest one of them:

  • Versatile
  • Strong in your category ( tank, debuff, dammage)
  • Less weakness for more advantage

there are 6+ similar dinosaures in each top players team:
For unique:

  • Indoraptor: Fast, dodge, good damage, cleaner and break armor/shield
  • Tryko: Tank, CC, counter attack, break armor shield, good HP and dammage, versatile with debuff 90%/shield 100%
    -Magna: Fast, Immune, good dammage, versatile with Break a/s, Debuff dammage and clean buff
  • Erlido: Very Fast, immune, Dodge with hard dammage, control board with Strike and run (Very fast+immune = hard advantage)
  • Thora: Good HP and very good dammage, 40% CC, tank destroyer, Instant stun = speed advantage during one turn with CC can be very very dangerous
  • Uta: Mid fast, Good Hp and dammage, debuff damage, instant stun and can use Impact and run to control board and dodge more dammage from DoT
  • Dilora: Very fast, Good dammage, debuff dammage, have 2 2X, Good combo
  • Tenon: Very good Hp and dammage, versatile with Break A/s and debuff dammage.

For Legendary we have:
-Spinotasuchus: Very fast, Bleeder
-Monostegotops: Very good Hp, Correct dammage and speed, nice combo to control, debuff buff.
-Dracoceratops: Surprise effect, swap with no weakness, can give hard hit after swap.

If we compare all dinosaures: Fast, good stats, versatiles (except Spino and draco,…), can have 2 roles ( Dammage/debuff, Dammage/tank,…), Single role like Thora or Erlido are really good in their domains.

Top dinos have 3 speed ranks:

  • 129+: Big advantage just with this
  • 126 at 128: Base speed for be played
  • 110-: Compensate with others good qualities.

But except Monostego, there are nobody top dinos between 111 and 125 speed. Normal, Unique Dinosaures have 109 speed or less, or 126 or more.

  • Tuoramoloch: Very good Hp and correct speed but confuse skills: have counter attack but have a stun?
  • Pterovexus: Very fast, interesting skills. Weakness: swap and no tank.
  • Stygidaryx: Good hp, fast Weakness: bad skills and occasionnal
  • Diorajasaur: Good hp, armor, counter 1x break A/S. Weakness: Slow = Destroyed from 90% top tiers dinosaurs, only good for erlido. fused with anky (like Tryko who is better).
  • Grypolyth: Good hp, bit armor, counter 1x break: Weakness: Skills, ultra slow, Same weakness than all no-unique counter attack dinosaurs ( Choice between protection or dammage up, but like you are slow, enemy is free.).

And the difference between top unique and low tiers unique is the dammage, All Top have mini 1400 attack, low tiers turn around ~1000.

Second point: Rebirth Mid tiers, forgotten unique, legendary and epic.

Battle theme in PVE can give a new breath of the game for example:
You will fight 3 Raptors, you are limited in you dinosaurs choice, you can pick only Immune dinosaurs.
You will fight a T-rex Lv 30, you are limited in you dinosaurs choice, you can pick only Epic dinosaurs.

Like this we can up and play dinosaurs that we do not play in PVP.

Third point: Rework Swap.

Except Draco’s swap and swap in invincibility, All swap can give more disadvantage than advantage.

Top swap for me (based on dino user):

  1. Draco swap: Surprise effect, kill guaranteed, can’t be counter.
  2. Swap in invincibility: “Guaranteed” to block dammage. Weak: Much dinosaurs have Break A/s, you take Debuff.

The rest:
Swap bleeder: used by air dinosaurs with same weakness: All swaper have low-mid Hp same if bleed is cool your dino dead the next turn, best there are both K.O.
Swap in slow: Good cause same if you take a hit you can have speed advantage next turn or more, Weakness? No legendary and no Unique have it
Swap in Distraction: Same problem than Swap in slow.

Best way for this is give 2 effect in 1 skills:

  • Reduce dammage and speed 50% for 1 turn
  • Dot .20x target’s max HP for 2 turns, Shield 30% for 1 turn

Fourth point: Give Dino’s Leader and Link.
In Much gacha game, there are Leader to boost some caracter in some category.
It’s interesting because Gacha game create new caracter more stronger than more olders.
But Leader can give second breath for old caracters (God tiers in 2018 but mid tiers in 2019).
For example in Dragon Ball Dokkan battle:
Gogeta (type STR)(before new up) is now less good than the new Gogeta (type INT), but you can still play Gogeta STR in a team with a leader FOR STR.

Link can be interesting for not have the same dinosaurs in each game, Link is a boost between same dinosaurt’s type for example:

  • Blue and Charlie: Owen’s raptor: +5% CC; Raptor race: +1 Speed
  • Nodopatitan and Gigaspikausaur: Brachio race: +10% HP

Link works only in dinosaurs IN the battle.

If we combine LEADER + LINK:

  • Blue: Leader: +1 Speed and attack +5% for Raptors; HP and ATK+10% for Owen’s raptor or HP and armor +8% for Raptor.
    Link: Owen’s Raptor: +5% CC, Raptor race: +1 speed, Team chase: +5% Attack
  • Indoraptor: Link: Raptor Race: +1 speed, Movies Bosses: +10% Attack if 2 Dinosaurs alive in your team

It’s just a concept but like this, the meta can be changed.

JWA is not a Gacha game but the system yes.
How move Top tiers dinosaurs? Create new dinosaurs more OP, it’s a continu chain.
and add sea dinosaurs don’t change the problem:

  • Sea dinosaurs separed of Classic dinosaurs: Classic meta don’t change
  • Sea dinos can be add with classic dinosaurs: Sea Dinos need to be versatile and more strong to be played.

Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile: