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For everyone who missed the Survey


Um ya tried it doesn’t work


Still not working for me.


Try UC Browser.

Not working either.

Yeah still no joy

Doesn’t work, but I will gladly share my perspective here.

The one sent to mail box in game.and one on face book let you start .then said unable to connect to server .

I think this is a horrible idea. When the in-game survey started failing, they should have stopped the survey, fixed the issue, then tried again tomorrow.

What is stopping anyone from doing the survey 100 times? 1000 times? A simple in browser proxy will be enough to fool any type of ip monitoring or filtering.

Just a bad idea. The survey should be done through the in-game portal with the players identification sent with the data as well so it can be validated and keep the survey’s integrity intact.


then ludia’s own teams are going to take it hundreds of times and blame the results on us lol


Physically type in “”
See I even made a link to it for you all.
You are very welcome!

same error :wink:


Strange it worked for me. Well I tried to help. Lol

Nothings worked for me so far.

People shouldn’t be working this hard (or at all) to give a company feedback on their own product.

Well Ludia is no other company and I mean that in the loosest context of the word. Watch my luck the post will be flagged for being heavily sarcastic. Lol


Grrr, no chance. Could not participate either.
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Still not working

Got to indoraptor clicked next and crash

Still didn’t work.

Well I tried at least

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