For Free players: How Ludia can attract you to pay?

Hello, I saw much people use real monney in game (lot or very much) and I’m interested to know for the free players, what offer you can maybe spend monney? :slight_smile:

While not a F2P player (I’ve spent money on some guaranteed incubators and some level up rewards), I would say that the best way to entice players to pay would be

  1. Reasonable prices that don’t exclude those that don’t have a lot of spare cash.
  2. Decent rewards in premium incubators making them a viable and appealing alternative to hunting.

I bought the rare scare last week for £10 cos that seemed like a reasonable price I’m willing to pay for something on this game but watching gaming beavers video last night it showed the same deal but he was charged £15 for it . Bit weird

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I just checked the video, He was being charged $15. He still hasn’t changed his chosen currency back to £ since his trip to America. :expressionless:

Ah I didn’t notice that . Makes more sense but as I said for what I got ten quid was a good deal in my opinion

I know this is kind of OT but I’ve tried to watch a few of his videos but I guess I don’t get it. What is the appeal with him?

Yeah, I bought one of those as well, I figured I could spare a tenner. I was happy with what I got, probably because I didn’t have high expectations of it’s contents. :joy:

I’ve only watched a couple of his vids just because there’s not many good vids for jwa online

I went for the OTO when levelling up a couple of times. Now the prices are just too high.
Microtransaction should be the way.

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Hopefully if they see more people buying the micro transaction deals like that one last week they may put more of them out there for us to buy…Hopefully

I don’t do a ton of YouTube watching for anything but I have found Pocemon and Pokefodders videos to often be accurate and informative.gaming beavers have been mostly neither from what I’ve seen.


I’ll take a look later . Thanks

For a company like Ludia whi earns millions on their games, 50-80 euros per incubator is a microtransaction :slight_smile:…unfortunately most people playing this game dont earn millions and we have another definition for microtransaction than Ludia.

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I can think of 3 things:

More of the $10 USD incubator deals. I do not even check out the $50 USD ones but bought one for $10.

Guaranteed DNA incubators. I would be willing to pay for an incubator that I knew would give me DNA I needed. I am not going to pay a lot of money for a gamble where I do not know if I will get anything useful to me.

A reward for keeping VIP. An Epic incubator for each month you renew. It would give a reason for renewing besides the extra distance.


I’m not free to play but the things I would spend like crazy on is either incubs or scents that target a specific unique and spawn or give the DNA needed to fuse it. Same as Halloween but different target unique would rock my world!!! Would much rather them be affordable easily like the Halloween scents too. Hopefully everyone did their part showing ludia we love smaller transactions if not micro transactions

I can think of a few things that would convince me to spend money on this.

  1. Better gps. It’s bizarre that I can be out walking and my position in the game is a block away. I have had to stop for five minutes before it was able to relocate me. While it’s an inconvenience now, it would be infuriating if I was a VIP paying for this. At least I know I’m not throwing money down the drain currently.

  2. Better incubators that give what they say. I read these forums often, and I see many complaints that people don’t get what they paid for. While i work for my incubators, I am still kinda getting them for free and I’m only a little upset when I get something useless. To pay $50 and get stuck with koolasuchus DNA? That’s insulting. To put it into perspective, I could buy my five year old a real toy dinosaur that would blow his mind for that money. I’m certainly not wasting it on garbage dna.

  3. I know it’s been mentioned before, but better pricing. If you’re giving out garbage DNA, you won’t be getting a lot of buyers at $50 a pop. Maybe you will get a few people with more money than brains or big spenders who look at that as pocket change, but that’s all. You certainly won’t be able to get a suburban mom with three kids like myself.

Personally speaking I love his editing. I started watching his “Jurassic Month” videos (where he goes back and plays all the games released for the Jurassic Park franchise) and was in stitches due to all the unexpected sound effects he had added. Everything from the “alert” sound from MGS to the sound of a squeaky toy indicating an impact.

I prefer his dinosaur themed content (with the exception of JWA). Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to be doing much of that any more, the only dinosaur themed games that pop up regularly are JW:TG and JWA.

As for my dislike of his coverage of JWA, it seems like he doesn’t put as much effort into the videos as he does with other content (an example being the coverage of 1.4 being almost two weeks late). Oh and claiming that everyone that has more stuff than him are cheaters. :roll_eyes:

If Ludia made prices reasonable and not in the £40-£50 GBP range I’d be more inclined to spend money. Make costs more around the £10-£15 GBP range and they would get more people buying.


20 minimum fuse if you are a vip member.


and the incubators should be half the price and on that note… how do you place a value on a digital dino and at top dolllar, why do we get the un valuable ones from the incs?

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