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For me, since 1.11, the area has drastically improved. Here is why:

Every loss I’ve had today felt like it was, for the most part, fair. I either got outplayed, made some kind of prediction error, or my opponent just got a bit luckier than I did. It was very refreshing. Every win made me feel like telling my opponent “good game.” I also noticed a pattern throughout those battles.

None of the battles above had me entering panic mode whenever my speedster even took a little bit of chip damage. None of the battles above had me making dumb plays trying to predict the sudden death of my dino via an uncountable SI attack. None of the battles had SI Rampage.

Now, I did see a few DCs, but they weren’t broken. They felt, I dare say, balanced. Every DC I fought was used as a finisher, and was actually pretty effective. It was, once again, very refreshing.

Ludia, you still have many things to sort out, but this DC change was an absolute step in the right direction. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for listening to the community and making this decisive, crucial, and necessary change.

Brilliant new update by the way. The QOL changes are phenomenal!


my arena experience has been… rocky, but wonderfully refreshing. No more worries about DC coming in on spyx immediately. for the ones i’ve seen, they’ve been (attempted to be) used as finishers. my first battle today, i got to see a carnotarkus again. the new creatures are bing used, even at lower levels. its a nice break. I welcome back the variety in the arena.


Someone swapped a lvl 28 1700 attack boosted dc into my lvl 24 stock smilonemys today. I laughed at how hard that 700 damaged tickled my turtle-cat🤣.


Screenshot or we cant see it happen again lol

Well said. Couldn’t agree more.

I hate when posts get flagged before i can get a chance to read them -_-, wish members would stop abusing the report system as a way to censor others opinions, its toxic as.


The Arena definitely feels a lot better. Dracoceratops no longer being the bane of existence helps. As the OP says, it now feels like wins and losses were deserved based on the game not the dinosaurs used.

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Yes, it feels so much better. Now the rat it’s just a finisher and it does not spoil battles so much as it used to.


Yup, finally it’s better again! :+1: My opponent did a rat swap-in against my full-health Tryostronix mid-battle, but as you can see it didn’t kill her even though it crit.

Payback! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hear, hear!

Ding dong the witch is dead.

Seriously, if my opponent would have held back on the impulse to 1 shot Spyx, they could have killed Spyx at the end when it was weaker. Or even better, use Erlidom that was warming the bench.


DracoRat has been nerfed correctly. It now has to fight once swapped in. That makes it predictable also adds a dimension to it. No longer can you swap in and then sacrifice an injured dino to setup for DracoRat’s return.

Because no reset occurred, DracoRat has to be dropped or used inefficiently.

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Actually, Dracoceratops is still very good as a finisher. I used her twice this morning:

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The change to DC is an improvement. I don’t really see it as a nerf or a buff, just a change in the way it is used.

Although I do see a potential problem in which the % of damage may have needed to be scaled based on level. Since it’s advertised as being a finisher now, a player could have a mostly mid to upper 20’s strength team but keep a DC at a low level lowering their team strength, then even facing a level 25 once the dinosaur is weakened enough the low level DC would finish it off. Although this may not be too much of a problem as many players with higher team levels have already leveled DC up.

For the most part I am happy with this change.

Not flagged, just withdrawn. It just decided not to sing any praises for the new arena just yet. I want to do more battles before I give my support lol


Wait till you face this or similar … I believe he still didn’t fully reset his ATK boosts yet.

My erlikodom can’t kill him in one shot and he killed me back instantly with rampage.

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oof. that sucks. BTW i see you have nemys. Any tips for boosting her. i’m not quite sure where to go with her.

Frankly me too. I have him but really afraid to bring him out facing any dino other than these fast Erlikdom and few others. Thor, Tryko, Maxima, Magna etc just kill him easy.

Low HP and Low ATK. I boosted him with some speed and tier-3 ATK and tier-3 HP. To me he needs more ATK boosts and some HP boosts. Speed I did boosted but seems like useless as most of the other speedsters are faster than him any ways.

He can be slowed + can be distracted. So now while writing this I realized how Smilonemys is not so good :frowning: Really needed his at-least attack back as he is hard to level.

agree there. 940 at lv 21 makes her too weak to take on DC in one shot, and so other high health creatures. Maybe i’m just not using her right, or maybe she needs a bit of a damage buff.

Definitely need ATK buff/boosts.