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For once a glitch went in my favor


I beat the Pterosaur Duo strike event and got the incubator. I got a bunch of stuff, and like 200something Rajasaurus DNA and 200something Ankylosaurus DNA for the epics. About 20 minutes later I was darting an Alanqa at an event drop. Once I finished darting, I screen popped up saying I had won and showing the scores again (the little bubbles for how many kills you and your opponent have). I was like okay weird I didn’t fight anyone and it showed I won an incubator. Thinking it’s a glitch I exed out. Then like two minutes later the incubator pops up again and opens and gives me the exact same stuff as the first time! Another 200something for each epic!! Rajakylo is getting leveled today!! Thanks Ludia! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Oh wow. Funny the extra DNA disappeared shortly after I posted this when it had still been there a while after it happened. God forbid you let someone get a tiny bit ahead, Ludia. Should have kept my mouth shut, never pays to be honest around here.