For people having issues swapping out characters in explore/challenge mode

Click on the helmet in the bottom of the screen, then click on the hero card that’s not in your team, then drag it on to the team member you want to replace.

I’m probably just an idiot but I didn’t know how to do this until today… Maybe I skipped over it in a tutorial or something but I don’t think I did… It’s a bit cryptic and that’s kinda ridiculous.

Weird because when you get #5 the tutorial forces you to swap in.

Very weird. I don’t remember doing that at all. The game was crashing and freezing quite a bit at the beginning. I will partially admit fault here, but can we both agree that it isnt very obvious how to swap members if you somehow mantto gloss over that for whatever reason?

It took me nearly a day to swap another out then I realize you just grab the one your not using and push it over the one you want to swap.