For real, Ludia? Tourney trophies!?

So, do you knuckleheads (canuckleheads?) not learn anything, ever!? The trophy algorithm that you implemented in 1.7, then took back shortly after? Remember that? Why did you put it in the tournament?

I lose - 47 trophies.
I win - 13
I lose - 32 trophies.
I win - 21
I lose 42 trophies.
I win - 11

Can I have my 10 HC cash back and take me out of the tourney, please?


They don’t care because they are making money. Owners don’t seem to realize they should be making twice as much.

For me, I don’t play those tournaments since I lose all speed tiebreakers. So even the champion may not really be the best since many cannot play without those advantages.


I know how hard @Tuco worked to get to a beyond respectable position and then has to deal with a messed up algo. Its wrong simply put.

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I’ve just been battling for about 3 hours. Every loss, EVERY ONE, 40 or higher trophies vanish. A win? I got a 30 once, otherwise 21-25, max.

Just for the record its not a tournament unless everyone is on equal footing.

Just saying.

But I agree they have learned nothing.

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