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For the love of all things, please dont make the Boost Shuffle a one-time event only

I think everyone agrees with me when I say that we NEED more events like this in the future. The ability to take off boosts from your team without the 50% penalty is very crucial in this era of the game. As we all know, creatures change and these changes affect the arena, let alone raids. And when a max boosted dino gets benched because of these changes, what do you do? Take off the boosts? No, absolutely NOT. Because of the 50% penalty, youre forced to abandon the creature or let it stay in your team potentially making you lose more battles because of it. But you could just take the risk and take away only half of the boosts that you invested in it, but trust me, and everyone else who plays this game, its not worth it…
This sort of event should happen every patch and only after a patch is realesed. This will give us some time to experiment with the changes brought by the patch and by the end of the event we can finally decide our arena team.
This weak I’ve battled more in the arena then I have ever battled in the past 2 months, and its because of this event. If this doesn’t make Ludia realise how important this event is, then I dont know what will.


Although I love the shuffle, not gonna lie.
There would be no reason to ever buy boosts again.
I was able to field a fully boosted arena and tournament team.
The only thing not up to snuff was my raid Tuo.
Once you have enough boosts for arena, advantage, and raids the only thing really left to buy is coins to level future dinos.
That’s not a lot of income.
When your game is dependent on whales to keep running, you got to keep them spending.
I don’t see it happening, but yeah.
It would certainly be nice.

A business, any business needs to make money.
Not necessarily a fortune, but certainly enough to cover all costs and a bit besides that.
We have discussed other ways that Ludia could make money other than selling boosts. Some are good, some are simply terrible, but none of us run the company and we can only offer opinions.
I think Ludia have been incredibly generous with this shuffle and I commend them for it.
However, and this is what worries me. If they continue to be this generous, what happens to the long term future of the game? Where will the money come from? The slippery slope as income dries up, players get fed up as the devs leave this game to fester and work on new games.
So while I fully respect the players who enjoy the free to play option this game offers, remember the game will always need money from somewhere. We are so lucky we don’t have to watch endless adverts when we play, so be careful what you wish for.