For the love of everything stop buffing Thor

Guys I get it you want a creature that is powerfull but damit, why you keep buffing something that can 2 ko and sometimes even 1 ko your creatures? If the oppone has a a boosted Thor and you dont have any bleeder you are done for, no matter what you do the thing will wipe out all the dinos take aways its insta charge or cut its crit rate to 5% it still will be able to ko a full health Tryko but it wont be able to automatically stomp all creatures

…and everyone replies:
“I’ll stop when everyone else does.”


It’s not easy to hold back the urge to speed up thor if you want to earn battle incubators, I held on to 124 speed thor for a long time while getting chomped on by 135 thors, before upping my own thor’ speed to 135 as well. But having said tat, tats the highest I’ll go, for now :man_shrugging:

If the game developers realised the carnage Thor would do with its move set and boosts would they still have done it ?
Yes , because there are ways to counter it , primarily by building yours up with the same costly boosts !
Or by super boosting something else to slow it , bleed it , stun it or whatever .
And that’s exactly why it does what it does .

Boosts suck but i beat thor all the time now with rinex or my my own boosted tenontorex and dracoC and even tryk now gets 2 hits on him thanks to crit reduction

If it works why stop?