For the Love of God fix the dang Stun

Look Ludia you don’t want to fix bugs I get it, you want to keep adding and asking people to pay you monthly for stuff that doesn’t work fine, but for the love of god fix the stun, you allow the swap crap, and Dinos who are not stun resistant should not be able to not be stunned on a swap in that is what its for, I don’t know how many times I swap in and Thor ignores it or Dio ignores it Dio has 0 resistances and Thor has only swap prevention DOT and Vulnerable that is it, If i swap in Glyptoceras he dang well better stun 100% chance to Stun means exactly that 100% not 60 not 50 not 10 but 100%

I assume your Glyptoceras is in a secure state?


Yea if threatened, it has only 33% stun chance. Pretty much rng in this case.

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What’s a stun?

A move that knock the opp dino unconscious, thus losing a turn that round.

If it is threatened state it’s not 100%

Okay call me curious how do you know what it’s state is?

It’s determined by creature health at the pt you use the move. Less than 50% is threatened state, anything above is secured state.

Ah. I was just curious… :joy:

Specifically for Glyptoceras, secure means if it has over half its HP left.

Then secure as it’s full health, there is no reason for .25 health Thor to not be stunned by a 100 % health 100% chance to Stun but it happens all the time.