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For the Love of God, stop spamming these forums

Listen, noone cares about your day to day happenings. Important threads are getting pushed down, and responses arent being made to threads that need responses cause people are sick n tired of seeing your lame emoji posts.

@an admin or mod, please connect with the woman spamming the forum. Maybe suggest she create one single thread where she just posts responses to herself.

This isnt a hate post or anything unnecessary, actual posts with actual information needing to be conveyed are being lost and casual visitors that come here for info CANNOT find the info they/we need because of this spammer lady.


Oh you didnt mean this by any chance did you lol…I may have had a slight hand in this spam sadly…you see I told her she had a potato cam…since then it has blow up…

I have a feeling she doesn’t know that she is actually spamming…


Omg yea perfect example :smiley:


I disagree, I like seeing someone active and passionate about the game for a change instead of people like Fabrizio and others always complaining about the game being too difficult or unfair. People can always use the search function of the forum to find anything that is relevant to the information they’re looking for if they find it difficult to find.


There is a difference in disagreeing, and providing inaccurate info. The person provides nothing constructive and spams the forum with useless posts.

The search feature will not provide anything other than specific request term. To find threads where people are providing/requesting info is not searchable…Ive been admin’ing and dev for online games for 20+ years, I know what im talking about.

Now if there was a way to block seeing posts from a specific user, that would be fantastic. Or do a low potency of a thread value, to filter them, thatd be swell.


I wholeheartedly agree. The sudden occurance of this person spamming the forum is likely not un-symmetrical as well - they are likely a fam member or a low level employee trying to “boost” up the forum activity, not realizing they are doing more harm than good.

Sure people whine and complain about the game, but this person actually interferes with our ability to communicate to one another and identify valuable posts that need interaction.


I think a little further context is required.

Whenever a post, title or category is edited, it bumps the thread to the top of the forums, regardless if there is any fresh post or update. That’s just the nature of the forum design.

@SweetShay23 decided that it would be a good idea to append a p(x) in her post titles to let the forum goers know ahead of time that the thread would be be filled with her screenshots, where x = number of screenshots. This was done out of consideration for other forum goers, and would flag which posts can be safely ignored by those who don’t care about the screen shots.

I don’t think she realized the effects of editing the title would bump it to the top of the forum and make it appear as if she was spamming. That’s the context of Huko’s screenshots.

@SweetShay23 had been limiting herself to about 1 PvP screenshot series a day, until @Shovion set her off and she went above that limit.

Moreover, the mods on the forum have been actively cleaning up after her by consolidating all her PvP post into a single thread here: Although for some reason, that thread has been unceremoniously deleted. Mods also tend to be fairly inactive during the weekend. Also, @SweetShay23 hasn’t quite figured out how to post directly into that thread.

Typically it’s not a big deal. These forums aren’t particularly active and substantive threads are not difficult to find.

This seeming glut of new posts are really just threads bumped up by the poster trying to be helpful.

No need to bring out pitchforks and torches.

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Ouch… Sorry Guys
I See There Are A Lot Of People Who Don’t Want The Post,
I Guess I Shut Er Down
Maybe Post Once A Week, Or Never!
GUESS Y’all Have All The Photos You Need!!!
Well Sorry Again :pensive: No Harm Was Ment!

Best Wishes To All You Warriors!!!
This Is SweetShay23 Signing Out!!!
SORRY Again!!!

I wouldn’t be so easily discouraged.

When you edited your old posts to add pictures count to the titles, it bumped it to to the top of the forum which is why people are complaining, making just about every top post in the forum one of your screenshot threads, like what Huko showed.

Your normal posting activities were fine in my opinion.

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Thanks retsamerol (Retsamerol) :wink:
If I Do Continue To Post, I’ll Make Sure Not To Stir Up Any Unwanted Feeling’s,
That Sure Wasn’t My Plot. I Was Just Trying To Make It Easer I Guess, Going Off Of Feedback I Do Get, But I See That I Push More Buttons, Instead Of Making It Easer!
I Had No Idea Or I Would Have Never Done That I Had No Wrongful Intentions.
I Was Trying to Let The Newbees See That It Was Worth It To Stay Instead Of Giving Up So Easily Because Of The Slow Progression Of The Game! Guess I Was Wrong!
I’m Just Gona Hang In The Background For A While, Let Things Get Settled Down A Little Bit​:wink: Probably Be Best, And If I Do See People Missing My Post, I Might MIGHT, Trickle Back In A Very Little Bit!!! I’d Rather Have Friends Than Enemies​:+1::grin:

SORRY Again!!!I Just Thought By Adding The Amount Of Photos it Has,Might Help People Decide If The Want To Look At It Or Not! Sorry For All The Ruckus I Stirred Up

And No I Don’t Work For Ludia Or Affiliated With Them,
But If They Need A New Crew Member I Would Be Honored To Accept,!!!
What A Blissful Job That Would Be!!!
They Couldn’t Get Me To Go Home​:tongue::grin:

I’ve tried to not to say anything, and I am glad the mods are consolidating her posts. I basically avoid pretty much any thread whose title sounds like she wrote it or if she was the last response.

I am glad she is enthusiastic, but what purpose does posting a play by play via screenshots of every move of every PvP fight serve? They’re not even asking questions or trying to give other people advice.

I hope that wasn’t too rude because I have been biting my tongue, but if we’re taking sides I am on the side of it being a major disruption to the forums. That said I don’t think she’s a spammer because I don’t the intent it to spam.


Ok. I appreciate not liking the long posts with pictures. I’m OK with it, but that’s me.

But, I don’t understand why you all consider it a disruption? I get on a few times a day… I look at updated posts. Sometimes there’s one… sometimes there are ten or 15. It takes me three minutes to check the ones I’m interested In.

Are you all getting alerts or something that causes noise?


I think a PM to let the person know would have been way more tactful.

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Is shays post a bit excessive kinda. But this is a chat forum just saying. I prefer to see her posts over the continuous whining from certain players over how hard it is and can’t play if you don’t pay. All my characters are lol 11 and 10 and have spent a grand total of 5 or 6$. That was just left over from a Google play certificate I got for a bday lol. Would rather see the whiners shut down on the forum in my opinion.


I’m personally amused by the fact that this thread, regarding a forum member’s conduct, which is mostly unrelated to the game, is much more active than the multiple highly substantive posts by @Xx_YESPA_xX earlier today.

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That’s One Of The Main Reasons For My Screenshots!
And I’m A Free To Play Gal!
To Show You Can Still Be A Pretty Strong Player, Without The Use Of :moneybag:

Perhaps. However, I didn’t agree with that poster’s views.

I’ve also noticed that they’ve only posted about 5 times and somehow managed to get themselves suspended. That’s assuming I’m reading the profile correctly.

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