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For the Love of God, stop spamming these forums

lol nice catch.

I wonder if the mods have something against what he has written in the game’s discord channel. Last time I looked there, @Xx_Yespa_xX was very active.

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Wow this is the most active I’ve see these form lol
Hi sweetie :slight_smile:

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Ohh not at all, I had made an account a long time back on the forum, and forgot info! So when I made this acct, it was tagged for duplicate accts, all good now!!!

Shay, I think what he is trying to say is just limit the amount of posts - if youre posting a bunch of just social media type stuff consider just making one thread and updating it instead of making new threads over and over.

Most people forget what threading was like after social media became a thing, others may have never encountered traditional forums so forum etiquette is not even public knowledge anymore.

Basically creating a new thread is for opening up a discussion on a matter regarding something inside the game, not personal expansiveness.

Many of us who care about the game and/or the community will look for newly made threads or updated ones, so when we have to sift through 20 threads of emoji filled things, just to find one player with a valid question or insight, is (annoying) at the very least.

Its not about feelings, intentions or anything other than forum etiquette, your idea is in the right place, just keep all those things in a single thread and you can actually accomplish your goal - by posting multitudes of threads, people would have to click on each one, if there is a newbie needing inspiration, having all those things in one thread would be more effective.


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Thank you for saying hwat all of us were thinking. I actually stopped posting because of it, after the first time I commented about it (not nicely, I must admit) and got my comment de;eted by a moderator in stead of the dozens of threads pushing actual valuable ones down.

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Saying All That, I Have No Problem Doing It,
Problem Is Don’t Know How?
Any Screenshots To Help A Sister Out, Of Where Stuff Need To Go?
I Know People Look At My Stuff? Trying To Limit Myself To Maybe One Two Post A Day. And Yes I Didn’t Know That When I Put 4p And The End That it Bumped Every Listing To The Top, Or I Would Have Never Done That, That Was All My Doing, Sorry Again, And Yes I Guess I Do Try To Throw In A Little Something In Besides The Game, We Can’t Stay Focus On Just The Game!!! If That’s The Only Thing We Did We Might Just Turn Out To Be Serial Killers!!! With All The Killing And Such! LOL, Breather Time, Time To Unwind! Anyway, Hope All Is Well!:grin:

Hmm the best thing I would suggest is just make a single thread, and title it something like “Shay’s Daily Thread”, then just consistently add replies to it, instead of making multiple new threads.

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An How Would I Do That? Screenshots Help A Lot!
All I Can Say, Is Where I Live There’s A Constant Smoke Cloud That Hangs In The Air!
You Got To Make Things Easy For Me, With Screenshots!
Makes My Brain Fogy And Dumb!!! LOL

No further instructions needed. Just keep a thread u already have, and make replys there instead of making new threads all the time. Just like how you responded here.

The cloud now explains everything…