For the love of Herbivores


So, who likes to use all herbs for their battle strategies. I think they are awesome and have great potential against carnos.

Not that I dislike carnos. Just like to be a little different and not use raptors.

I have powerful carnos but I can not help but love my herbs. :wink:


When we get even more dinosaurs, it’ll be interesting to see everyone’s team and hopefully many, many teams that are both viable and totally different from each other.

That said, I did get chomped down unexpectedly by someone who used only massive Theropods (or got them randomly from a more varied mix). Gotta say, an Allosaurus, a Tarbosaurus, a Gorgosaurus and a T-Rex really don’t let up. :wink:



Yeah, it will be pretty awesome when the game progressed and more dinosaurs will be added. So many species and you know herbs have to he tough to survive the carnos. :blush:

I am still leveling my team up but even at a lower level they can still put up a good fight. I have one long neck and he is amazing. Can not wait to find more.


My team is always changing and a bit of a mix of everything. Have never tried to make them all the same type but now I might - just for kicks :joy::joy:
I sometimes think it would be better if I could pick only 4 for my team so would always have exactly what I wanted but I actually like that at times I have to rethink my game because of the randomness of the lineup :wink:



Yeah, Mixing and matching os pretty fun, but I tend to favor the herbs as they can counter pretty good on the battlefield. It is all in the strategy and how fast one can be or use that shield and armor. :slight_smile:

I do catch DNA for my carnos but tend to run straight for the herbs when I see them. Which I feel lucky because they tend to spawn well around me. Heh heh, I just enjoy my team and we take down those raptors. Muahahah!

I am not invincible though as I win some and lose some. XD