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For the love of Lord Lythronax, show who refused raid invitation

People keep spamming invites to the same people because they do not know who refused invitation.


Yup, funny thing is when Raids first released it showed who declined the raid, then they removed that.


Gg, Ludia. Gg.

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I agree I don’t know who refused and I sometimes just keep spamming them and if I knew they did not want to join I would have called in a offline player

(love the title :rofl:)

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spins drops

Raid invite

refuses and darts something

gets another raid invite after darting

still refuses

spins another drop and gets another raid invite

accepts the raid invite and sees the team is clearly unprepared and leaves

That was basically my experience Monday.


Yeah, quite often I get invited to teams that are unprepared or that I cannot contribute to, and I refuse but they continue to spam even after I left. Or when I’m on a team and they’re inviting, they send 4+ invites, chat says invitation refused but doesn’t say who, so team leader continues to send the same invites over and over.

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