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For the love of Stegod, do something about speedties!

I’ve only had 7 losses in this tourney so far… 6 of them with speedties! Some of those “coincidentally” against high-ranked players, including the current first place (yo, what’s up wassup?)

Something should have been done about this ages ago, especially since No Escape became a thing. As if the Rixis fiasco on Epic tourneys wasn’t bad enough, I now had to stop starting my matches with Spino, cause if the opponent happens to start with it too, I can only watch while I bleed to death since I won’t win the tie…

Seriously, how long is it gonna take for you to realize how ridiculously unfair this is?!


Looks like they conveniently left out one important detail…

They could at least have the decency to come clean. Not everyone knows about the speed tie issue in the first place.


Uh what detail? Am I missing something?

it is whoever lives closest to ludia HQ or has the better wifi who wins the sppedtie because the screen will appear first


Oh I get it now. Also speed ties with A.I. never let’s you go first because they choose a move immediately

yeah, it’s so unfair actually, but do u have any ideas to change the matchup between two identical creatures?

a way to fix speedties would be 3 icons. lets say cunning, resilient and fierce. This would work like a rock paper scissors. You can’t see what your opponent picked. There would be a time limit of 15 seconds to make it fair and the player who wins the rock paper scissors would win the speedties. If both get the same, then the process starts over again until there is a winner.It is rng but everybody gets a fair shot. Another way would to just make it be dictated by rng with either side having a 50% chance to win


Two more losses with speedties and counting…

Everybody uses the same freaking starters… THREE times in a row the opponent started the same as me! Freaking piece of crap of a stupid system!.

How else would you guys suggest resolving speed ties? I would prefer to have as little additional RNG as possible since i’ve had enough of things being luck based

I think a fast moving meter where you and the opponent try to get it as close to 100% as possible wins would be pretty cool.
Winner goes first.
In fact it would remove RNG and add a tad bit of twitch play.
To be honest though even making it just completely random would be better than giving specific demographics and automatic and permanent huge advantage.


Just take turns! It wouldn’t be perfect but better than this bullcrap

Speed ties are fine for me. The problem is there is a tournament glitch where it dosent let me pick a move for 3 seconds

Speedties are fine for those who usually win them.


Completely agree @Arnold… the only people that say speedties are fine are the ones who never lose them. I lose speedties 100% of the time… my internet is terrible and the package I pay for is supposed to be really good.


I’d rather they have the last determinant be random rather than the fastest input. I assumed this was how it worked at the beginning, and I assume a lot of other players did/do too until they learned otherwise. Sure there’s RNG, but at least then you lose because of something that affects both players equally, not because you have a worse connection or live father away from the servers.


I never like Dimetrodon VS Dimetrodon. I always lose the speedtie. In fact, I lost an entire battle BECAUSE of two speedties. Dracorex once hit my Dilopho, if it didn’t M. Lion wouldn’t have killed it and won. If there’s any way I hate to lose, I’d REALLY hate losing to a speedtie.

Edit: Great. I just lost another battle because of a Dimetrodon opener winning the speedtie.

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In a tournament with only one rarity and no hybrids allowed like this one, most player will use at least three or four similar creatures… maybe more… probably more… So speedties are VERY common…

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Maybe treat speed ties like in basketball. First speed tie is whoever clicks fastest, same as now. Then it’s turn based with the loser of the speed tie going next. That way it can be strategic and fair with little luck/ping needed.

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It’s weird, because I used to win more speedties than I lost. But in the past few months, I’ve been losing more than I have winning.

Even when I used to win them they were annoying though, and I can’t understand why they’re still as they are.

The problem with turns though is that it means the second dino to attack gets to attack twice in a row. So if the match is decided by two attacks, then it’s just the second dino winning rather than the first. Thats still better than what we have now, but I think it would be more even if every turn was decided randomly. Unless they went in the same order every time, but then they might as well not have speed ties at all, just picking the faster one for the whole match-up randomly. But I think that the fact that they have the same speed/level/rarity should count for something, so the one chosen to be faster the first round shouldn’t dominate the entire match.