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For the matches you can't get

So I been swiping right because I want to get a match but they are not going through as matches, it’s a bit werid

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Same I keep trying to get this one guy and whenever I see him I swipe right but he nv matches with me… does that mean it’s impossible?

@Tman.T and @JaMeah_Jackson many of the newer characters, if that’s who you were trying to match with, can’t yet be matched because they don’t have any story content released right now. Us being able to see their profiles regardless is likely the Lovelink team giving us a teaser of who to expect to be able to have as options to match with in the future.


That what makes me confused I just want to if there is a time we have to match or something

What do you mean, “if there is a time we have to match?” Such as match within a certain time frame? If that’s what you meant then no. You can match with characters whenever you want provided they’re available to matched with and they aren’t a character who shares the same storyline as a character you’re currently matched with.

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Oh thanks for that I was really confused but you clear that up

I was just wondering what u meant by sharing the same story line as someone else I matched with? Also thanks for all the help :pray:

For every storyline there are two characters who share it and therefore you can’t match with both at the same time. For example, Noah and Antoine share the same story so you can’t match with both because then you’d be reading the same interactions and receiving the same photos with the only difference being which character is featured.

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I see thank you so much that makes so much sense! Is there a way to know which characters have the same storyline?

You can usually figure it out from the similar profiles, like Marco and Hugo, Alice and Eve, Vitoria and Sage, Noah and Antoine, Ryan and that other guy in a white lab coat, Sam and the other sports player, etc. I don’t have a list written out though on hand, so it may take a little guess work, but chances are if you’re trying to swipe right on a character who isn’t one of the newer ones with no content so far then you’re most likely trying to match with someone who shares a storyline with a character you’re currently matched with.

I wish be match with Robert Perreault but that never work :frowning:

Some advice ?

You can’t at the moment because there’s no content yet released for him, but in the future you’ll be able to. Many characters can’t yet be matched with for that reason.

I matched with 6 girls 5 of them is away for a while and i cant match with another one and i mean not matching with new characters is there a limit on your inbox?

There’s no limit to hoe many matches you can have. You can’t match with any character who shares the same storyline as anyone you’re currently matched with, sonthat may be preventing you from matching with somone you’re trying to match with.