For the millionth time, there needs to be a confirm button for purchases

I’m so pissed off right now. I was tired and was collecting my free 6-hour incubator and accidentally tapped the 5000 hard cash epic incubator. My phone registered it as a double tap and it bought it. I would never buy those criminally overpriced, rip off incubators. Typical Ludia crappy, money grubbing, deceptive, near criminal game design.


i made a purchase then placed my phone in my pocket because i had to do something immediately. i go back on and see that im down about 6 k cash… my pocket bought darts… scents and other crap… so pissed i tried to get a refund on my latest purchases lol.


You won’t get one. This is their business model.

I’m on a same boat. Phone was in my pocket and when I picked it up 400 coins were used on some stupid crocodile scents!

I recently had this as well. I even closed down the app, when I restarted, it showed me my “missed rewards”…

Just a waste of 5000 hard cash, had no intention of buying it. What it rewarded me with I also did not need.

Please fix Lydia…

Ludia… autocorrect