For the millionth time

Ludia, just can you guys try and be more careful when you’re making these hybrid pursuits?


Don’t you know? It’s what we call #Ludia style


It’s falling on deaf ears mate. They don’t care. If they did then mistakes like this wouldn’t be going on for the past year or so.

Haven’t seen a single boa yet btw.

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If Ludia can ignore the 100 +bugs in the game, then what makes you think that they’ll care for this

Ooh I saw 1 today, at daytime!

Still, they seem to be very rare for some reason. Maybe they don’t spawn in scents?

Who cares about Majundaboa pursuit lol

Stacking up on snakes, just in case it will one day be good or something. Only 17k so far, so could use a bit more :slight_smile: