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For this reason I do not play tournaments

That disgusts me to play Tournaments, I do not enjoy anything and I find the punishment that is given to players who lose in tournaments totally abusive, I mean the mismatch at the beginning, especially when they come out with much superior creatures and you hardly have level dinosaurs 20 while you have rivals with dinosaurs of level 23 24 25 27 totally unfair and especially the punishment that is given to the player who loses because we all start with 700 trophies but if you lose from the beginning constantly 10 games in a row. Ludia taught me, are you telling me that if I lose 10 games in a row and I want to contribute points to my guild, do I have to win 10 games in a row to have 700 trophies again? Is seriously? I have to stop for a whole day to add a couple of points to my guild. Applause, it is logical how the trophy scoring mechanism works. They should remove that so that even if you lose 20 times at the beginning, it does not subtract points below 700 trophies that the player who is above 700 trophies there should apply the trophy score penalty. Now tournaments suck.


It’s my understanding that you keep your highest score in the tournament.

So if you start at 700, your contribution to the alliance is 700, no matter how many times you lose.

So just get the ten takedowns and get straight back out when you’ve got them!


@Schtemty is right, as usual. You retain your high score.
If no points were deducted for a loss, for players in lower arenas, imagine the droppers!

The only solution to your problem is to grind and build.
Some of us have a serious head start, which is obviously frustrating. I play one ‘end game type’ account, and one that is just building tournament creatures.
The victories are so much sweeter when unexpected.

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