For those about to quit, this might keep you playing

I have played this game since launch, and like many of you I wasn’t happy with the matchmaking and boost situations. At first I thought I wanted to quit playing, but then I decided to try a fresh start with a new account. Unlike in Pokemon GO, it’s not considered cheating in JWA so it’s not against TOS to have more than one account.

Starting over made this game fun again! I was able to take everything I learned over the past year and apply it to the new account, so I’m progressing much faster than I did on my original account. I only level dinosaurs I plan to battle with at some point, and those with hybrids only get evolved to the required level for fusing.

Since there are no boosts or swap-in shattering rampage dinos (yet!), battles are much more fun! Everything comes down to strategy and RNG just like it used to in the good old days several updates ago, and I’m seeing more than just the same old dinosaurs over and over like I did in Aviary on my OG account. Lower arenas mean more fun experimenting with different creatures, like Smilodon. That one does pretty well down in Mt. Sibo where I’m at right now, and it’s fast! Also, I’m a big fan of all the Jurassic Park/World movies so it’s nice to experience the scenery of the lower arenas again.

Unlike my original account, this one is 100% f2p. I spent over $600 on the old account and had nothing to show for it once I started losing trophies and ended up in Lockwood thanks to boosts. Staying f2p adds a new fun challenge that I enjoy. I only spend my earned HC on coins, so today I spent it all on coins since there’s a coin sale going on.

I did complete the boost strike today but I’m just going to stockpile any earned boosts and see how far I can get without using them after I hit level 10.

This is what my new team looks like. As of now I have no plans to play on my OG account. I’m concentrating on this one.

I encourage anyone who is tired of the current state of high level playing to give this a try. Please feel free to post your experiences in this thread.


I usually forget I have a lower leveled account tbh. Should start playing on it again tbh.

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The issue here unfortunately is that because you’re progressing more quickly you will speed through those fun Parts faster than you did originally and bump right back into the same wall you were hitting before. At the end of the day if the game doesn’t have a major change in the very near future this stagnation will cause a large Exodus from which I fear there can be no recovery


You are right, and when I reach that point I’ll have to make a decision. I can stay boost-free and never progress beyond a certain point, which will be okay as long as it doesn’t make it take a half-hour just to get one incubator. Or I can stop playing and keep an eye on the forums to see if matchmaking and the boost issues are resolved. Time will tell.


The dinosaurs even look better in lower arenas.


My 2nd account is level 15 and I play mostly 11’s and in arena 4 but have 12 level 20’s and a 21 Indo and Thor for strike towers.

I’m staying down away from boosted dino’s but the problem is the continued same alliance mission rewards every week means that is all I am fighting battle after battle. There isn’t much variety in the lower arena’s.

I’m seeing less and less if any Miragaia and starting to see a Smilodon here and there more but I can counter those the same as alliance mission rewards.

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I’m still seeing plenty of Miragaia and Smilodon, but very few Tanycolagreus, Suchotator, or Ankylocodon. I find that odd, as those are some very good dinos!

I really wish we could just choose the arena we fight in. Mt Sibo looks awesome, as does Lockwood (or maybe I just enjoy the sound effects there…). But nope, it’s whatever arena we’re stuck in.

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That’s what I did and started a second account and it’s more fun to play. I’ve decided to give away my main account as someone explained how the boosts were factored into the trophy win/loss points and I will never get back to the top 100 again. Ludia stacked the deck and they knew it. So I mess around with my smaller account and have more fun.


I couldn’t figure out how I felt about this game since 1.7 - but now I realize what it has become. It doesn’t really have any fun anymore… strike towers aren’t fun… Arenas aren’t fun… collecting isn’t fun… Nothing about the game is really any fun anymore since 1.7. it’s a chore, that’s what it’s become. Strike towers and arena battles are just something you have to do every day as you chase the dragon of the original fun you had when you started. That’s just my feelings on it and why I’ll probably be done this week. I don’t think starting a new team with work. My play time is already down to just enough to do the daily stuff, and that is just something I begrudgingly do. So probably time to move on.


Either the game has good tech support or it doesn’t.

That’s what makes or breaks it.

It was fun while it lasted.

The only remaining question for me is who do I pick to be the new leader.


Cool see you in a week or so when you say this all again

I heard you my friend.You are right BUT ,this means that i give up the hard work of a year.The gas,the money,the hunting day and night.My co-partner in this madness,the food in the car while hunting…lots of good memories.Throw it away because Ludia gave the opportunity to many people to bypass months of hard work for the sake of money.And ofcourse Dracoceratops.


You see, I know it’s a great idea, but I’m definitely gonna lose my original account

Your idea sounds good. I play on an iPad and would like to start again, but I also don’t want to lose the game I’m playing now. Is it possible to continue to play the game now and to start again from the beginning?

Yes. I still play on my original level 20 account. I created a second one just to experience the fun of “catching them all” again (PoGo player here! :grin:). I’m currently level 11 and in Nublar Jungle on the baby account, and I’m already fighting boosted dinosaurs. Needless to say, today I applied a small amount of boosts to my Indominus Rex, Suchotator, Tanycolagreus, Ankylocodon, and Utasinoraptor.

Thanks for your reply.
I need to make a new account with Ludia and then on my iPad I have to sign out/sign in with the game I want to play?

Yes. I use Google Play Games logins for both accounts, so I just added the second account to my device. When I want to use it I log out of my main one in the game, then log back in on the second account.

There is one odd glitch though. On my original account I’m in Sand Dunes, which is one of the best and busiest alliances in JWA. Yesterday I responded to a member’s request for friendly battles, and I offered to battle anyone else who wanted to. I accepted several friend requests on my main account, then when I started playing on my second account I received additional friend requests from Sand Dunes members on that account. I knew right away that it was a glitch, so every time that happened I logged back in to my main account to accept them.