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For those burned by this indoraptor thing


Instead of buying things that probably wont last in this game, target (and I’m sure equivalent stores in other countries) have an amazing action figure of the indo for only 20 bucks. If you have kids, I bet they would get more enjoyment out of that considering it’s completely poseable. Just a thought. Happy hunting my fellow dino lovers!


Here is mine. I bought it right after making this post.


The thing that stopped me buying the last £45 one-time only level up deal was realising I could take the kids to watch a film at the cinema three times for that money.

Either that or get some epic/rare DNA that I could eventually get by hunting anyway and with no guarantee it’ll be for a Dino I want.

Easy decision in the end.


Guess the best use for cash is still buying coins or speeding up Arena Incubators.


Well when I got my refund back I was able to get both new shoes, this awesome toy for my collection, and some delicious food. I’d say all in all I found a better use for 50 bucks rather then spending any money in this game. Ludia doesnt care about us, so I wont be supporting them with my money.