For those complaining about the grind

Just wait till you get this far in the game, went from difficult, to ok these guys are easy once you know the tactics, immediately to getting 1 shoted…

now, I gotta grind hard and hope for some more legendary items or gear up neccessary epics and yes, warlock rare weapon helps immensely with push

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I guess you fail miserably at this game. Hmmm.

For my highest being level 9, only on VIP for a little over a month, bought maybe 900 gems and rest from free gem offers, I think your spendature of 36k or whatever, i think I’m better off than you

Oh and here’s the kicker, I only bought 1 3k gem chest and bought 1000 gold maybe 6 times, 7 at best so I’ve spent what, 3.3k?

And yet. You’re still on here whining and failing miserably.

I needed Mirt in order to complete the last two stages. They often one-shoot, so you need your best crowd control stuff. Restart room by closing client is a must.

Yeah I’m thinking I need that ranger dude for that push or miraculously get legendary gear for my fighter

And for the record, I’m not whining, I’m letting those that are whining about the level 4 “pay wall” that it gets much, much worse lol

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Yeah, this guy is annoying…rocks push party members out of their lane and into adjacent lane. When 2 party members are in same lane, boss’ next attack is the fire attack that hits entire lane. One-shots any squishy toon that you can’t get a big heal on before that toon’s next move…

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If so, close client, restart game and room will restart too

Yeah, I only do hidden forge when it’s an event, I get to that point and I’m screwed regardless, if it isn’t the hit that kills my toons it’s the 1900 damage from fire lol

Nothing to say …

Not a bad pull at all, grats