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For those confused like me

what does this whole update mean
thanks if you read and answer

1 what is the whole scissors paper stone thing how will it affect the way we play and will it mean boost are useless?

2 what is the creature family icon thing

3 and the heal they said “heal 1x” why is it now using the attack so if i am a thank i will heal very little and if i am a rex i will heal alot?

4 most of the creatures i see that once had immunity to somethings now don’t have anything at all why?

5 what is Resistance and taunt

what is this can your explain like which one is meat plant pter and amphibian and they said example,devastation says taunt for 1 turn what does it mean

6 “The Cleanse mechanic does not remove the Stunned condition.” that’s what they said but i cant even cleanse if i am stunned so what does it mean?

7 what is the fierce thing

8 is morten rex the only boss now that is apex in the video they showed smilonemys mammotherium and scinocerotops are these normal creatures buff and become apex or are they still normal creatures just that the bot is more powerful and if so are they the only "boss"or can any creature be a “boss”

9 will it be possible if unique creatures mix with another creature can it make apex rarity and if so we will have super mega hybrid

10 boss battle have extra creatures fighting at once will we have more than 1 in battle and campaign

11 are there more campaign


in this picture they said that raid boss will look like this but what if there was a event that had smilonemys to dart how can you tell the difference and what if it is a scino how can you tell and if any creature is a boss how …

in this one what will be on friday and the weekends

13 they said you can do raid missions with people around you and alliance members what happens if none of them are playing example if your alliance consist of people in your country and you played at 1 am what will happen

14 can you unlock morten rex and dart him i am confused as in jwtg you cant unlock them but now it seems you can and in the vid its shows that he starts at level 26 and cost alot of coins to level up and he has 2000 attack so does it mean rexy has lost all her glory

15 if you start the raid missions can you kick people out like if they use level 1 commons and its annoying can you ban them and will there be a chat to tell each other what to do
can you tell them what creature you want them to use and what move will help the team to take down the boss

16 can you use boss to fight boss that will be cool

17 will the boss have hybrid if yes what and if so what rarity will it be

18 did you realise that apex colour for the text is the same as epic

19 in the boss battle menu they said there is eligible creatures you can use does it mean there will be common vs apex that will be so hard

20 how does the whole boss battle work in the video it starts with apex(i will can morten rex apex)coming in and majun running in really and compare magana and majun size they look as if they are the same size but they are not ok back to the vid your creatures attack the boss in normal battle you will hit the opponent as there is no one else to hit but now there are more than 1 will you have to choose which to hit and later there is a short part where they showed a list of creatures on the right hand side what does that mean i suppose hat is who go first but if so isn’t it who is faster goes first? ok moving on when magna does a crit it does a scary 26160128 damage that is insane that’s 26 million even if he had a attack buff that is impossible and when they complete the battle you get an incubator but look at the scino incubator it only gave 960 scoola dna and there is only 3 cards that trash ok thats the end

stay with me people its ending

21 if you (only you) die in the boss battle will you have to watch the battle or can you leave and will still get the incubator if you loose if so there will be a lot of complains about people not doing the battle but still getting resources while people will work very hard

22 what is the status effect

23 look at some f the pictures

smilonemys don’t have these moves what happen to his moves same as scino

ok another problem is why does scino have 11000 health and 30% crit
and the worst smilo has 43000 health 1632 atack are boss different from normal creatures

and that’s the end again thank you for helping me answer my questions i am really bad at understanding stuff like that


I can answer what is taunt
Taunt mean when opponent will attack will change target to taunt creature instant


If that not target all dino

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so if i attack a normal creature and the opponent has a taunt creature i have no choise but to attack the taunt

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Yes that true

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thanks a lot

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And resistance mean
If you have stunning resistance 50% when you will got stun in will decrease stun% like 75-50=25


If have distraction resistance mean
Distraction resistance 75% if opponent use instant distraction (new) will decrease damage only 100-75= 25 like this
If have Decelerating resistance mean
Decelerating resistance 25% if opponent use Decelerating impact (ex) your speed will decrease only 50-25=25

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No, that’s not quite right.

Lets say you have a creature that has 75% chance of stun attack (Dino A) and a creature with 50% stun resistance (Dino B).

Dino A stuns Dino B.
The 75% stun chance fails… stun failed.
The 75% stun chance successful, then Dino B has a further 50% chance for the successful stun to be avoided and therefore stun failed.


Oh thanks you

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Sorry for wrong information

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Thanks for correcting information

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its ok nothing to worry about

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And vulnerable resistance mean you wil take less damage from vulnerable
And Dot resistance mean if you got wound like lethal wound it will less EX Dot resistance 25% lethal wound Dot 33.4% you will got wound only 33.4-25=8.4% max hp

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And healing system that mean if you have high ATK it wil healing alot of Hp
Like you have ATK 1900 heal 1× you got 1900

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Maybe have group cleansing ability


oh ya did not think of that

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It Self: Cleanse Vulnerable.

Target lowest hp: Remove Taunt. Destroy shields, bypass armor

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still dont get it


If it attack it like Defense Shattering ability but target only lowest hp dino and self cleanse vulnerable taunt creature can not change target too

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