For those of you throwing matches


Hey All,

One thing that annoys me to no end: if you’re intentionally throwing matches to reach lower arenas, cool. Can’t say I wasn’t tempted to do the same. But do the rest of us a favour and just select your lowest strike to keep the game moving. No one wants to select their attack or their creature, then wait fifteen or so seconds EACH TIME. I know the battles glitch sometimes and you’re forced out of the match until you reset, but several matches in a row? Save us some time. kthxbai


Speaking by my side, when I will decide to drop arenas, I will push the buttons cause I want to save time as well.
I also hate when somebody just put aside the phone…


For those trying to throw matches, its quicker and more effective to switch out dinos repeatedly so you never get to make an attack. Esp when you reach the lower arenas and your dinos are disproportionately strong


I guess I could pretend that’s what I’m doing, but in my case I’m just on an endless losing streak. So don’t assume that people with higher level dinos are arena droppers…


If you don’t care about winning, it’s a good opportunity to try out some other dinos that aren’t on your A-Team to see what they can do.

Best way to lose a match quickly is to swap a lot, because you’re losing a turn. No one would be doing this if it weren’t for Ludia’s idiotic trophy reset!


Can the people who are losing games intentionally please carry on. at the moment you seem to be the only games im actually winning :grinning:


Where are all these people who are intentionally losing? Please send them my way, I can use some wins :rofl:


I drop down every so often because I get stuck in Badlands. Also I like the atmosphere of Nublar Jungle.

And I like handing out incubators like Halloween candy.


I’ve weakened my team to drop. And I have put the phone down twice. Both times to Tragodistis throwing shields on obviously weaker dino’s. I wish some players would play what’s in front of them not cycle a preset move choice ad nauseam.

If they slow play don’t really see why I can’t be as rude. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The whole process is wildly inefficient…
When you’re dropping down, you’re wasting your time 2x^n …but feel free to learn by experience :man_shrugging:t4:


I really don’t care if you wanna drop down for a potential 4 trex dna every 8hr incubator, be my guest :relieved:


I’m dropping to play other dino’s for fun. To stay in Arena 8 I need to play same dino’s which to me is boring. 1.4 and Migration basically didn’t happen.

Soon enough all games get uninstalled. Does anyone remember an uninstalled games score certainly not me.


I’m going to try it for some para DNA. I can’t seem to find it in my area and I need it to get some more legendaries. I switched out all my dinos for an all raptor team. Should be fun once I get down to Badlands. They are useless in Sorna.


Well, I have to agree with others, I really don’t see the point for the small chance if getting useful epic DNA from lower arena incubators. I’ve been in 8 for weeks now, battle a lot and always speed up incubators (the best incubator deal in the game IMO) and may have gotten the exclusive epic DNA (baryonyx and sinoceratops) … 2 or 3 times total? So arena dropping for desired DNA does not seem to be worth it.

Also rethink the “easy wins” and don’t underestimate players in the lower arenas! Some are there involuntarily (with high level dinos) on a losing streak that’s about to end and others with lower level dinos are quite skilled… I’ve lost to players with lower level dinos many times. One of my friends dropped from mid-arena 8 to mid-arena 7 and now appears to be stuck there…