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For those still trying for the turtle

Here is a little tip. Ask someone in your alliance that has the turtle to put it in a sanctuary. Once it’s in there you can fip it until you get the DNA for it. It is really quite simple and does not need to be made anymore difficult. I did this and within two days I was able to get the turtle. Persistence and patience is key.

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want any of my 2855 dna? lol

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Yes please, a little Irritator on the side too.

Turtle DNA?

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Someone has to have found Carbonemys first.


In our Allianz has no one the turtle… perhaps they forgot it for germany

Go to Google Maps and type in “Aquariums near me.”
Not an aquarium supply store, but an actual public aquarium.
Those are nests and they seem to have a much higher spawn rate than random park spawns.

None of these are actual aquariums:

This is true. Hence why I am glad 3 people including myself have the turtle in my alliance

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No aquariums near me

According to Google, there is one by me and another 35 miles away.

Tell Google your house is an aquarium!

That’s what the person near my local “aquarium” did some time ago…