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For those that speed up incubators


Do you find it most economical to just open them from scratch or let them get part way? I never paid attention before today, but it appears to be 1 buck per six minutes, constant rate. So it doesn’t get cheaper per minute the longer you wait?


Personally I never spend more than 30 (which will open a 3 hour instantly) and only if I want to battle and there isn’t an open slot; 15 minute ones I will open instantly but tend to let 3 hour ones run down a bit. Rate is constant and you get to watch an ad to speed up the last 15 minutes which I regularly use.

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Have always wondered if we watch ad to run down 15mins incubator, does it still count towards the epic incubator?
Coz I see this sentence on the ad “earned 0 (or 1) incubator skip”, not really sure wat it means though.
Tats why I’m inclined not to watch the ad, as I’m afraid it may skip the count.


Don’t worry about that bud the cycle never changes. 3,3,8,3,15 repeat once ever 20 times the 8 is an epic and twice it will be a rare incubator.

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Glad to know tat, thanks for the info!
Will start watching ads now haha.



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You’re right the cost is always the same, 1 cash for 6min remaining.
You can get up to 15min for “free” if you watch an ad.
The most important thing is to always have an incubator running if you want to maximize your outcomes. My strategy is just run whatever 8+ hours you have and speed up 3h and 15min. If the 8+ hours ends during my sleep time, I just speed up and start another

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I’d never speed up 15min (well there are some circumstances, but in general) it’s pretty quick to watch 1 ad.


Yeah but if you get one in your last free slot and something else is already cooking its a cheap way to free a slot


Thanks for the visual breakdown.
The 50th incubator is an epic 24 hour one. After that, every 100th incubator is an epic one.
Assuming no speed ups with the incubators constantly running, that is 369 hours every cycle of 100 incubators.
Or roughly every 15 and a half days.


Although I’m reality it usually takes takes 20 days if you set off the 8hr when you go to sleep each night. And miss the exact timing of an incubator here or there because your at work or asleep whatever.


I find there’s an overlap where you end up with two 8 hours. I cook one during that day, in those cases. From May to today, I have never sped an incubator. Just looking at options to expedite some uniques. My goal in this game is collection completion. I’m 3 dinos short, and they are buggers for me to find. But, the components are in the lower arena incubators… so… :thinking:


Actually I don’t speed any up either (occasionally as 15min one but I try to avoid it) and I’ve got 8hr incubators sitting there so yeah there’s a bit of overlap. Congrats on your collection, do you think you will ever complete it? They will just bring out more hybrids won’t they? And then of course thier is Erlidominus.


Open battle incubators I think is the best way to spend the tickets that are collected or bought. It gives less coins than the direct purchase but additionally grants a certain amount of DNA and accelerates the arrival of the rare and epic incubators.

I usually open enough 3 hour incubators paying for it. I also accelerate for free the 15 minutes. The larger incubators usually leave them to open for time.